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Ningbo has a special reading club 21 members "read" with their ears 2019-04-24


In Ningbo, there is a special reading club, and 21 members "read" with their ears. Chen Xiaoping, the famous blind writer of the city and chairman of the Haishu District Blind Association, was the initiator of the reading club. He told reporters the day before: "The 'Wenhua' reading club has been established for nearly a year, from the reading of one person to the care of people from all walks of life. A group of people read together and reading changed our lives. Not long ago, we participated in the World Book Day at the new library of Ningbo Library, bringing a new reading experience to everyone.” Chen Xiaoping was blinded by retinal detachment 16 years ago. With strong perseverance, he embarked on the road of literary creation. He won the highest award of Chinese folk art and the "Shanhua Award" and the highest honor of Zhejiang Folk Art and Literature, "Yingshanhong Award". He was the signing author of "Mi Mi" and he was also selected as 2017. The top ten news figures of the Chinese disabled cause. Chen Xiaoping said: "Despite these years, our material life has been continuously improved, but for the blind, cultural and entertainment life has been very scarce, and contact with the outside world is very limited, not to mention reading. I initiated the establishment of a reading club, I hope to use myself. The hobbies and writing literacy of literature drive other blind friends to read together.” On the eve of the May 20 National Helping Disabled Day, under the help of Xinzhiyuan Social Assistance Center, Ningbo Library and Haishu District Blind Association, Wenhua blind people The book club was formally established. The Ningbo Library provided a smart listening machine for each of the first 15 members of the reading club. “Before the readers, it is very inconvenient for blind friends to read most of them through Braille books, go to the library to borrow books or find friends who have Braille books.” Chen Xiaoping said that a 32G smart audio book reader can be stored. Tens of thousands of e-books are almost worthy of a small library. Not long ago, as a special event of the 4.23 World Book Day, 18 members of the "Wenhua" Reading Club walked into the new library of Ningbo Library and experienced smart readers, smart bookshelves, and various kinds in the visually impaired reading room. New devices such as visual aids that help blind people read. Since the establishment of the “Wenhua” reading club, it has held one or two events every month in the “Yitu Youth Space” and other places in Haishu’s public welfare street. Chen Xiaoping said: "Blind friends like to participate in the activities of the reading club, but it is inconvenient to go out and consider security issues. In the past year, the activities of the reading club have been carried out smoothly, and it is inseparable from the help of the volunteers of the Xinzhiyuan Social Disability Service Center. Yu Hua's "Alive" and Jiang Yan's "Wolf Totem"... Every time, blind friends use the reading and sharing of a book as the theme to discuss the connotation of the work and exchange reading feelings. In addition to reading, singing and opera performances will be performed at the book club. “Reading brings a lot of subtle changes to the blind book readers. Reading will let everyone get together and live a lot.” News Link 2008 Ningbo Library established the city's first Braille reading room, which is a public multifunctional reading room for the blind and weak vision readers in Ningbo. In 2018, the new library of Ningbo Library set up a visually impaired reading room for blind readers, covering an area of ​​85 square meters. At present, there are more than 1,200 kinds of Braille books and more than 2,200 volumes in the reading room. There are 200 kinds of audio books and 3,000 sets of books. The contents of the book cover philosophy, psychology, politics, law, education, literature, medicine and health; audio books include literary essence. More than ten categories, such as comic dialogue, sketches, and storytelling. In order to facilitate blind readers, the new visually impaired reading room is located on the first floor and equipped with blind reading devices such as smart readers, portable visual aids, and expanders. In addition, 400 smart booksellers are provided in the two halls for the blind. Readers borrowed. Visually impaired readers can borrow from the Ningbo Library to borrow and use the disability certificate to borrow from the library. On the digital reading platform of the WeChat public account of Ningbo Library, there is a column of “Clouds with sound reading”, which can not only listen to classics of literary classics, but also hear radio dramas, simultaneous sounds of movies and so on. In addition to the Ningbo Library, public libraries in all districts (counties) have also been equipped with relevant equipment for visually impaired readers.