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Ningbo “Brand Culture Event Meets Cultural Auditorium” Launched in Fenghua 2019-04-26


Follow the calligraphy of the famous Hu Chaoxia to learn calligraphy, listen to the national first-class actors, plum blossom winners Wang Jinwen, Zhang Xiaojun sing the excitement of the drama and Yue opera, listen to the health knowledge lectures given by medical experts, appreciate the beautiful paintings, photography exhibitions... Yesterday afternoon, The Ningbo Cultural and Cultural Activities Hall and the 2nd Citizen Culture and Tourism Festival of Fenghua District were launched in Jinlu Village, Xiwu Street, Fenghua. The local villagers enjoyed a cultural feast at their doorstep. The “Cultural Cultural Activities Meet the Cultural Auditorium” is another cultural and livelihood project launched by the city to implement the “Three-Year Action Plan for the Full Implementation of the Rural Revitalization Strategy” (2018-2020) by the Municipal Party Committee and the Municipal Government. Through the platform of the village culture auditorium, the high-quality cultural resources will be sunk to the grassroots level, cultivate rural cultural talents, stimulate the villagers' artistic hobbies, prosper the rural cultural life of the city, and enhance the sense of well-being and happiness of the people's cultural life. At the launching ceremony of the day, the relevant leaders gave lectures on the "One Person, One Art" Counseling Group, the "Tianyi Lecture" Lecture Group, the "Tianyihui" Art Troupe, the "Tianyihui" Quyi Group and the "Tianyihui" School. Flag, award card. Chen Yanqun, director of the Arts and Public Services Department of Ningbo Culture, Radio, Television and Tourism Bureau, said that this year they will organize more than 1,600 events to be transported to various villages in the city. For example, the “One Person, One Art” Counseling Group will be organized to provide villagers with training in square dance, opera and non-handicraft production; the lecturer group that organizes “Tianyi Lecture Hall” provides lectures on famous knowledge for the villagers; The “Arts” Art Troupe sent wonderful performances to the villagers. "At the same time, according to the cultural characteristics of each village and the different preferences of the villagers, we will organize famous and famous actors to perform and exchange with local literary and artistic teams and backbones to enhance the level of grassroots performance teams and literary enthusiasts, and to bring more cities. Grade cultural products are sent to the doorstep of grassroots farmers’ friends.” Chen Yanqun said. The performances of the day include dramas, Yue opera, Yao opera, cross talk, song and dance. On the stage, when Wang Jinwen and Zhang Xiaojun performed on stage, the audience gave a warm applause. "Our village cultural hall has been built for 4 years, and it is also active during the festival. But the high-level professional actors like today are still performing for the first time. You don't have to go to the city, you can enjoy it without spending money. The cultural activities, we rural people are the most happy!" 67-year-old Jinyan Village villager Chen Ayi said cheerfully.