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International Museum Japanese Language Events 2019-05-08


Go to the subway station to see the net red "the owner of the house" to repair the ancient books; go to the museum to listen to the director to explain the port history; taste the grass to understand the traditional Chinese herbal culture, see the boutique exhibition, listen to expert lectures... "5·18 International Museum Day" Upon arrival, the city's cultural and mining units will launch a variety of activities in various forms around May 18 to bring the public and museum closer together. This year's International Museum Day theme is “Museum as a Cultural Hub: A Traditional Future”, focusing on the role of the museum as a community, community, and active social participant, advocating the museum's high-quality cultural supply and enhancing the public's cultural identity. And a sense of belonging, to enhance the public's sense of well-being and gain. At the same time, as a "cultural hub", the museum should also be dedicated to building a platform for dialogue and dialogue among different civilizations, maintaining cultural diversity, and promoting the interlinkage and mutual understanding of different cultures. In order to better interpret and reflect the role of museums in society, from May 18th, the net red "Grand Master" of Tianyi Pavilion Museum will be displayed at the Fuqing North Road Station of Ningbo Metro, through exhibition boards, videos, etc. "Old Fan Xiu's Secretary" allows the public to feel the subtleties of the traditional ancient books repairing skills, so that the old craftsmanship will shine in the new era. The China Port Museum will launch the "Director's Explaining" event on the 18th, and the "Small Set Welcomes You" Hong Kong Bo Container Mobile Experience Store will also be opened. This is a experience store that combines "Wen Chuang + Cafe + Bookstore". It was widely acclaimed at this year's Ningbo Cultural Fair. On the 18th, the Yuyao Museum and the Hemudu Site Museum will carry out a series of activities in Yumen Town, Yuyao; the Fenghua District Cultural Relics Protection Management Institute and the Fenghua Folk Chinese Medicine Museum will jointly hold the “Keeping the Nature of the Grass” activity, and the citizens will visit the cultivation of herbal medicines. Planting, traditional processing, high-tech biological extraction and processing, and understanding the development of traditional Chinese medicine for thousands of years. In addition, the public can also go to the Ningbo Museum to enjoy the "Into the Western Regions - Xinjiang Silk Road Cultural Relics Exhibition", to the Tianyi Pavilion Museum to watch "The Book of Gods - Dong Qichang Inscriptions on the Tablets", to the Hemudu Site Museum to watch The flower of prehistoric civilization on the banks of the Liaohe River - Xinle Site Exhibition, to the Baoguo Temple Ancient Architecture Museum, enjoy the "stone of the mountain - the cultural exhibition of the famous stone culture". The major museums will also launch the "Inheritance and Evolution of the Ancient Artifacts", "Ancient Bronze Mirror Appreciation", "Into the Great Creation Age, Experts Take You to See the Song Dynasty", "Turpan: East-West Civilization Exchange on the Silk Road" A series of lectures such as an important node, Haidang District Home Museum, Wangsheng Day Grain and Oil Technology Museum and other private museums will also hold themed lectures such as "Museum Collections and Folk Legends", "Civilized Dining Tables and Festivals".