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Ningbo New Youth Music Project started yesterday 2019-05-13


At the launch ceremony yesterday afternoon, “Yin is a dream·Building a dream Ningbo” Ningbo New Youth Music Project and “Feng Ya Millennium – National Music Classic Campus” was officially launched in the new library of Ningbo Library. More than 120 young music lovers attended the event, and Wu Shenglian, deputy secretary of the Communist Youth League Committee, attended the ceremony and awarded the Ningbo Library as “the dream space for emerging youth groups in Ningbo”. The “National Classic Campus” project takes the national music instrument as the starting point, combines the musical works in the classic national music with the literature works, and opens a new youth country with the two-way combination of targeted salons and regular reading. Le Classic travel journey to cultivate traditional Chinese music factors and spread Ningbo Haisi culture. The first three universities are Ningbo University, Zhejiang University Ningbo Institute of Technology, and Zhejiang Industrial and Commercial College. The project will last for 2 years.