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Integrate existing cultural resources to build a cluster 2013-05-13


Recently, the film "Night Half Qi Tan" (title tentatively scheduled), which was directed by Ningbo "Heze Run" Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd., and well-known director Ye Weimin and other writers, and written in Wenbei Cicheng. During the "Chinese Ci filial piety festival" last year, Cicheng and three film and television companies signed a contract to develop the film and television culture industry, "Night Half Qi Tan" became the "breaking ice" of the film and television culture industry. Around the Spring Festival this year, the town has sent a "hero post" to more than 300 film and television culture enterprises across the country. So far, more than 10 film and television dramas have come to Cicheng to shoot. Relying on the historical and cultural heritage of the ancient town of Cicheng, the development of the film and television industry is a new layout for the transformation and upgrading of the cultural industry in Jiangbei. Jiangbei District has cultural resources unique to Ningbo, such as cultural relics, mountain water resources and land resources, but it has been in a small, weak and scattered state for a long time in the construction of cultural market, resulting in regional cultural industries in the film and television industry, audiovisual industry and animation industry. The high-end fields such as the network information industry are weak. Taking the film and television culture industry in Cicheng Town as the starting point, Jiangbei District will fully integrate the existing cultural resources, vigorously build a cultural agglomeration park, and open up a new situation in the development of cultural industry in Jiangbei. A number of existing regional cultural brands will be integrated through the establishment of a professional market. “Ci Xiao Culture Town” Cicheng Ancient County will establish a cultural relics (transaction) market, Ningbo Old Bund will establish a cultural and leisure bar market, Ningbo Art Museum will establish an art market, and Yaojiang Park (Huabo Park) will Become a book and book wholesale market. In addition, a large number of cultural gathering areas such as the Ningbo Grand Theatre Performing Arts Market, the North Shore Wealth Center Literature and Art Training Market, the Rihu Park Wedding Market, and the Jiangbei Wanda Cultural Entertainment and Leisure Market will gradually become large-scale, forming a cultural and art industry, cultural entertainment industry, and cultural performances. Ten market systems such as industry and cultural tourism. The abundant mountain water resources in the suburbs of Jiangbei will also be integrated. Jiangbei District will build the “Sanjiang Cultural Corridor”. In addition to the Sanjiangkou Old Bund, large urban and rural junctions and rural areas along the Lancang River and Yaojiang River will also be included in the construction of the Cultural Corridor. The Jiangbei rural area will also take this opportunity to get rid of the situation that the cultural market started late, has low grades and made small noises, and became the “lighting area” of Jiangbei public culture. More than 300 monuments scattered in Jiangbei, such as Deji Lane, the Bund Phase II, Cicheng East Gate and other cultural security buildings will also be activated by the new cultural strategy. In the Jiangbei District Cultural Center that has been put into use, the construction area of ​​Wenbaofang has reached 2520 square meters, and the area has become the radiation center of the public welfare culture of the whole district. The 100-year-old Deji Lane has been rehabilitated by “back streets and alleys”, and it has also been commemorated by many cultural and creative enterprises in Ningbo, and has become the inspiration for the city’s “quiet and quiet”.