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27 national outstanding children's dramas will be unveiled at the city's performing arts group "Magic Tianlu" 2012-05-11


The 7th National Children's Drama Excellent Show will be held in Ningbo on May 31. The performance was hosted by the Ministry of Culture, undertaken by the People's Government of Ningbo Municipality and the Art Department of the Ministry of Culture, and was implemented by the People's Government of Yinzhou District, the People's Government of Zhenhai District, and the People's Government of Beilun District. In a month's time, 27 outstanding children's plays including the Yuege fairy tale drama "Magic snail shell" produced by Ningbo Performing Arts Group will be held at Ningbo Yifu Theatre, Zhangzhou Cultural Center, and Zhenhai Haiju Cultural Center. Five theaters, including Beilun Theater, took turns. This is what the reporter learned from yesterday's press conference. The National Children's Drama Show will be held for the first time in the National Children's Drama Show, the National Drama Show, and the National Peking Opera Show. It will be listed as the three national literary performances of the Ministry of Culture. It will be held every three years and has been held for six times. first. Wang Yong, researcher and deputy director of the Department of Drama and Art of the Ministry of Culture, spoke about the reason why the show came here: "Ningbo is a national historical and cultural city with profound cultural heritage. It has not only successfully hosted the seventh. The China Art Festival Ningbo Branch, the 3rd, 4th, and 5th China International Vocal Competitions, the 9th China Theatre Festival and other activities have accumulated experience in hosting large-scale art events, and also have relatively complete venue conditions." I understand that in recent years, children's dramas have become more popular in the Ningbo performance market. According to incomplete statistics, only in the old third district of the city, last year's children's drama performances nearly 100 games, the attendance rate reached 70%, the parent-child field is particularly popular. 27 repertoire styles and diverse audiences and reporters from the show program list, from "Special Homework", "Mada Adventures", "Swan Qin" to "Göteborg" and the Holy Grail of Magic, "Liu Hulan", "Small Heroes Rain Comes, etc. The 27 repertoires participating in the show not only have a wide range of target audiences, but also are suitable for audiences of different ages from kindergarten to high school, and the theme of the drama is also diverse. There are not only traditional children's dramas, but also drama repertoires for children's themes, including Peking Opera, children's evaluation operas, Jin opera, etc. In addition, there are a number of excellent puppet shows. Wang Yong told reporters that the artistic quality of this exhibition is also relatively high. Whether it is a youth campus theme that reflects the lives and inner hearts of young children, or a revolutionary historical theme that sings the heroic heroes of the revolutionary struggle; whether it is a lively, colorful and colorful fairy tale drama, it is based on classical novels and contains profound cultural connotations. The mythical dramas all show a certain ideological connotation and artistic level. The scope of the participating theaters has been further expanded, with the exception of some old-fashioned state-owned art academies such as China Children's Art, Beijing Children's Art, Tianjin Children's Art, China Welfare Association Children's Art Theatre, and Liaoning Children's Art. The group, such as Zhejiang Repertory Theatre Co., Ltd., Anhui Provincial Theatre Theatre Co., Ltd., Guangdong Provincial Theatre Theatre Co., Ltd. also sent their own works. In addition, the Fighting Arts (Beijing) International Culture Co., Ltd., Beijing Fun Infinite Children's Art Troupe and other private art academies and art groups (social) organized by social forces also joined the show. "This aspect shows that the current creation of children's dramas and the main body of performances are diversified. Private colleges have become an indispensable and important force. On the other hand, they also reflect the concern and support of the Ministry of Culture for private cultural performance groups." Wang Yong said. The host's performance "Magic snail shell" by the Ningbo Performing Arts Group's Yuege fairy tale "Magic snail shell" will also participate in the show. The play is based on the traditional singer classic "Snail Girl", with a magical snail shell as the core of the story, staggering the two magical life experiences of Jiangnan girls. The play was written by Wang Xiaojing, deputy dean of Ningbo Academy of Fine Arts. There were more than 60 actors in the performing arts group, including the Song and Dance Troupe, the pipa troupe and the Yue Opera Troupe. Two of them were Xu Xiaofei and Xu Weiwei of the Yue Opera Troupe. The male starring is the wake of the troupe and Chen Xing. Through the show, the parents who love the richness of the Jiangnan waters, the love of brothers and sisters, the love of the sisters, the love of the partners, tell the children to be honest and down-to-earth. It is reported that the performance will be composed of experts from all over the country to form a jury group, and will be awarded a number of first, second and third prizes. During the performance, a series of activities will be held in which the actors enter the community and enter the campus to express their performances.