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Haicang does a good job of "seeking", "talking" and "tourning" three articles to carry out cultural tourism interactive projects 2012-06-26


In order to better implement the “six-accelerated” strategic deployment of the municipal party committee and the municipal government and the “four vigorous” strategic priorities of the district committee, and to achieve the “four more” strategic objectives, Haishu District closely surrounds the Ningbo Central Business and Trade District and historical and cultural city. The functional orientation of the core area fully integrates and exerts the cultural resources advantages of the jurisdiction, and does three articles of “seeking”, “speaking” and “tourning” to realize the benign interaction between culture and tourism. First, do a good job of "seeking" the word, and launch the "I know the old story of Haishu" historical story collection campaign. Bringing together the people's wisdom, and collecting the historical origins and humanities stories of ancient buildings such as Mingzhai, Mingjie, Mingxiang, Mingqiao and Mingsi in Haishu District, fully excavating the historical and cultural heritage of the jurisdiction, and collecting and combing carefully is a historical story. Sightseeing, storytelling. At the same time, in May and June, the company invested more than 30,000 yuan in the "Southeast Business Daily" and "Haicang Publishing" and other media to publicly collect and publish selected historical stories, cultural and interesting things, and show their charm in vivid and vivid language. Sea bream. The second is to do a good job of the word "speaking" and to carry out a storytelling of historical and cultural attractions. Set up a team and do a good job in propaganda and explanation. Through the organization of large-scale lectures and other means, openly recruit a group of volunteer volunteers who are willing to participate in the society, and give priority to recruiting students from the households and tourism majors who have had the attractions, organize their business training, and make the lecturers professionally and The level of explanation is higher, and the stories of the historical and cultural attractions of Haishu are revised, edited into historical and cultural attractions, and the story of Haishu historical and cultural attractions is presented to the public through the most appropriate way. At the same time, actively use the propaganda position to open up the "Haiyan Historical and Cultural Attractions Story" column on the platforms of "Digital Haitang", "Haicang News Network", "Haicang Publishing" and "Haicang Communication", and publish the historical and cultural attractions collected one by one. In the form of written speech to the people, telling stories and talking about sights. The third is to do a good job of the word "you" and organize a day trip to Zhejiang culture. Combing and integrate selected historical and cultural attractions, and print a brochure entitled “Zhedong Culture One-Day Tour” including the introduction of historical knowledge of cultural attractions, several browsing routes, bus stops, and tourist service facilities. The best day trip route design competition was collected in the microblog group such as “Haiyan Release” and “Southeast Business Daily” and published in the “Southeast Business Daily”. Organizational culture and tourism professionals walked the study route, conducted feasibility studies, and launched several high-quality lines. On the China Tourism Day, the “Tang, Song, Yuan, Ming and Qing Dynasties, the Ancient Days of Zhedong Culture” was launched, and more than 300 people were guided by the Shangshang Cultural Tourism Pioneer Team for a day trip and a day trip. Tour, night tour, etc. After the event, a cultural tourism experience article was published on “Yuyou.com” and “Allah Tourism”. The special edition was written and publicized. During the Ningbo Shopping Festival, the “Zhedong Culture Day Tour” was launched to achieve full coverage of shopping, entertainment, tourism and leisure. Timely convening various forums, inviting experts, tourists, volunteers, etc. to review the "Zhedong Culture Day Tour" activities, and timely adjust and improve the new situation and new problems, so that the tour route is more reasonable. The tour content is more abundant, making the “Zhedong Culture Day Tour” more mature. (Haicang District Culture, Radio, Film and Television Press and Publication Bureau)