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Ningbo Culture and Art Research Institute officially launched the rescue operation of the old artists of the opera 2012-07-27


From July 20th to 25th, the Working Group of the Rescue Protection Engineering of the Old Artists of the Ningbo Culture and Art Research Institute went to Shanghai to conduct the first interview work, which marked the official launch of the project. As a local opera that originated in Ningbo, the drama has experienced a glorious period of great prosperity, and it has a great influence in Ningbo and even Shanghai. However, with the diversified development of social culture, the drama has gradually shrunk, and now only a professional group of the Ningbo Opera Troupe. Old artists who have made great contributions to the art of opera have become increasingly rare with age. They have valuable experience in the art of opera and are the rare treasures of the drama. It is an urgent and important task to collect and organize their historical materials and keep records of their experiences for later generations to summarize and learn. In order to more effectively inherit the art of protecting operas and summing up the valuable performing arts experience of the predecessors of the opera, the Ningbo Culture and Art Research Institute (Ningbo City Opera Drama Learning Center) has started to carry out various historical materials on the old artists of the opera. Data for rescue protection. The project lasted for three years and will collect data from more than 30 famous old artists who have had important influences in Shanghai and Ningbo in batches. Through interviews and audio and video recordings, they can directly or indirectly understand their artistic career and artistic achievements. And collect all kinds of physical materials such as brochures, records, stills, scripts, costumes, props, etc. Finally, the textual form of the data will be compiled and compiled into a compilation of the historical materials of the old operas of the opera. For the collection of various objects with preserved value, when the conditions are ripe, the exhibition of dramas or even the opera museum will be opened, permanent. Collection exhibition. During the trip to Shanghai, the working group interviewed the famous pipa artist Liu Center and the famous screenwriter Tianfang. Through other relevant personnel, they learned about Xu Fengxian and He Xianmin's artistic career. In addition, they also collected a batch of old manuals, stills and records. And oil-impact scripts and other real objects. It is expected that by the end of this year, the collection of information on 14 artists from Shanghai will be fully completed, and the context of the development of the drama in Shanghai will be clarified. The recording will be carried out in the form of recording, video and text, so that the project will achieve a phased result. (Old record information) (Repertory material) (Photo with old artists) (old manual) (Ningbo City Culture and Art Research Institute)