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Ningbo Library Science and Technology Exhibition ended smoothly 2012-08-27


Since the opening of the Pocket Science and Technology Museum of Ningbo Library on August 10th, it has been very popular among children and parents. On average, there are 50 or 60 people coming in every day. When there are more than one hundred children a day. "Maglev Runner", "Three-dimensional Needle Carving", "Periscope", "Electrostatic Flower"... This year's Pocket Science and Technology Museum has added several new gadgets, attracting the attention of many children and studying them with interest. How to play and how. From top to bottom: children are playing "periscope", "three-dimensional needle carving" and "human body conductive ball" This year, in addition to providing scientific and technological exhibits for children to visit, the city library staff also set up a small competition column on the spot. Let the children explore and experience the mystery of technology in their play. The winning child can also get a tech gadget. “Hands can't shake” and “needle-through” stand out among the many exhibits and become the target of children's challenges and competitions. At the beginning of the game, the children were full of confidence, and they immediately wanted to go forward to try. After feeling the difficulty, some children began to use their brains to explore the mysteries. Sure enough, after a serious study and summary, their strength has obviously increased, and the game has become more and more intense and interesting! In the end, the children who did not win the prizes said: "I will come again!" The children are playing "Hand can't shake" (left) and "See who is wearing fast" "Pocket Science and Technology Museum" is the "Ningbo Daily · Helping Office" Weekly, a matchmaking bridge, was donated by the original e-boat love netizens. This time, a total of more than 20 scientific and technological works were exhibited, covering various scientific fields such as sound, light, electricity, power, water, gas, magnetism and ancient science and technology. Participation, entertainment, and craftsmanship. The exhibits such as “Maglev Runner”, “Electrical Conductor” and “Solar Fan” are all based on the scientific stories and hotspots in life. The unique creative design allows children to feel the spread of sound and the reflection of light during play. Natural common sense and scientific truths such as the decomposition of force, the generation of electricity, the transformation of energy, the pleasure of science, and the mystery of nature. (Ningbo City Library)