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Baoguo Temple Museum unveiled at the night market 2012-08-29


On August 26th, Baoguo Temple Ancient Architecture Museum appeared at the “2012 Tourism Night Market” in Zhangzhou Wanda Plaza. The tourism night market mainly introduces Ningbo autumn tourism products and seasonal tourism products exhibitions and exhibitions, and special cultural performances. At the event, the tour package has attracted a lot of public attention. At the event site, the Baoguosi Ancient Architecture Museum set up a booth in the tourist night market to release the latest tourist information to the public, and presented promotional brochures and books showing the special tourist attractions of Baoguo Temple Scenic Spot. The staff at the scene also introduced the history of the Baoguo Temple and the evolution of the times to the citizens who came to consult, so that tourists have a deeper understanding of Baoguo Temple. In the subsequent square promotion activities, in addition to detailed information and enthusiastic answers, the staff of our library also took the souvenirs of Baoguo Temple, which was well received by the public. (Paulo Temple Ancient Architecture Museum)