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The star exhibition hall displays mud gold lacquer crafts 2012-09-05


Organized by Ningbo Cultural Center, Municipal Arts and Crafts Industry Association, Ningbo Woodpecker Horticulture Development Co., Ltd., Jiangbei District Non-legacy Protection Association, Haishu District Non-legacy Protection Center, “Clay Gold Paint Technology Exhibition”, September 4th - September On the 14th, it was exhibited in the Stars Exhibition Hall. Ningbo mud gold paint is a kind of traditional craftsmanship that is on the verge of loss in China. The wooden tire paint bowl unearthed from Hemudu shows that the production of Ningbo lacquerware can be traced back to more than 7,000 years ago. The Tang Dynasty Gaochun Jianzhen went to Japan and brought the Buddha statue from Ningbo. Mud paint works such as living utensils and other lacquers have a major impact on the development of Japanese folk lacquer art. At the time of the Qing Dynasty, it reached its peak. In the Ming Dynasty, "Zhejiang Tongzhi" recorded "Ningbo mud gold paint in the Ming Dynasty Xuande period, and the gold lacquer ware was famous in China and abroad." The work became a valuable gift for foreign exchange or a collection of royal treasures. It was once in the 1960s, but its works were exported. After the 1980s, there were no formal enterprises. In recent years, with the support of the government, Ningbo Mujin Color Mud has been included in the National Material Cultural Heritage List. More than 60 works exhibited in this exhibition were produced by the traditional craft art workshop of Ningbo Woodpecker Horticulture Development Co., Ltd. In recent years, the traditional arts and crafts workshop invited Ningbo masters of arts and crafts, old artists of mud gold paint, and students of the Academy of Fine Arts, and cooperated with the school of Ningbo Deaf and Mutual School to recruit disabled young apprentices and produced a number of excellent clay paints. works. In 2010, the traditional arts and crafts workshop was included in the Ningbo Heritage Base of Mud Paint. Many works were awarded in the country, and “Liuhe Tongchun” won the special prize of National Arts and Crafts. In 2011, "Zhong Wei Married Girl" won the gold medal of China (Zhejiang) Non-Existence Expo. In July of this year, the “Clay Gold Painted Porcelain Plate Series” produced by the traditional arts and crafts workshop was named one of the “Top Ten Gifts” in Ningbo. (Ningbo City Cultural Center)