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City Culture and Art Research Institute organized the first "Special Screenplay" script seminar 2012-09-11


On September 8th, Ningbo Culture and Art Research Institute organized the first "Special Screenplay" script seminar. The professionals in the institute analyzed and discussed the scripts created by the special scriptwriters. "Special Screenwriter" is composed of non-professionals outside the cultural system of the city. Out of their inner love for the drama art, they spontaneously tried the opera creation after completing their work. After several years of persistence, they have achieved little success. In July this year, in order to further enrich the creative power of the city and enhance its creative strength, the Municipal Institute of Culture and Art hired an amateur scriptwriter with a good creative foundation as the “special scriptwriter” of the institute, and created its spontaneous creation. The activities were included in the organization and management of the hospital. The symposium received seven original dramas created by "Special Screenplay", namely Luo Yu's Yue Opera "Yang Liu Fu", "Changmen", Zhou Dongxu's Yue Opera "Peony Light" and "Han Xi Zai Night Banquet", Wu Shirakawa's Yue opera "Yi Nv Ye Qi Niang", Liu Xiaobo's drama "Dan Shu Burning", Chen Weijun's Yue opera "Mei wife Hezi" and so on. At the meeting, everyone agreed that the seven scripts are different in content and different in style, but they all have a good literary foundation, and some even approach the level of performance, showing the author's extraordinary creative talents; some scripts are original, but the starting point Not low, it is not difficult to see the author's creative potential. Of course, as an "amateur" screenwriter, the problems existing in the current script are also obvious. The main manifestations are that the contradictions and conflicts are not concentrated, the characters are not distinct, and the ideas are to be sublimated. In order to grasp the creation of the "Special Screenplay", this meeting clearly defines Luo Yu's "Yang Liu Fu", Zhou Dongxu's "Peony Light" and Wu Zhichuan's "Yi Qi Ye Niang" as the next major revision of the script. . On the basis of the author's careful absorption and digestion of the opinions put forward, the organization professionals will conduct in-depth and meticulous discussions on the three scripts, formulate practical and feasible revision plans, and strive to complete the processing and improvement of the three scripts during the year. At this meeting, we have further understanding and mastering the creation of "special scriptwriting" and made basic assessments and judgments on the existing scripts. In the end, President Guo Guoqiang summed up the meeting. While encouraging "special scriptwriting" to "persist in writing and continuously improve", he also expressed the need to create a better environment for their creation and provide more support. When the conditions are ripe, the professional troupe will be highly recommended, and strive to put the excellent scripts on the stage, and strive to make their works "flowering outside the wall, results in the wall." (Ningbo City Culture and Art Research Institute)