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The city will host the 5th China (Ningbo) Farmers Film Festival 2012-09-11


From September 14th, Ningbo City will hold the 5th China (Ningbo) Farmers Film Festival series with the theme of “Farmers' Festival and Film Festival”. On the morning of September 11, at the press conference held by CITIC International Hotel, Zou Daming, spokesperson and deputy director of the Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film and Television, said that public welfare, interactivity and closeness would be the highlights of the current Farmers Film Festival. During the 5th China (Ningbo) Farmers Film Festival, the National Rural Premiere of "Loyalty and Betrayal" will be held, the film screening will be held, the theme song festival of the film will be featured, "the farmer's favorite film and favorite male and actress" The selection, the central and television media "going and changing" grassroots line, the national rural film creation symposium and other activities. This year's Farmers Film Festival first highlighted the main theme of the party's "18th National Congress". "Loyalty and Betrayal", a tribute to the 18th National Congress and the pioneer of the Yangge discipline inspection front, will host the National Rural Premiere in Ningbo. At that time, starting from Ningbo, this excellent film will officially enter the national rural theater, and will be screened in rural areas nationwide. During the film festival, the organizing committee's "Land in the Field of Hope" film golden music evening will also highlight the festive, peaceful and warm atmosphere of the "18th National Congress". In order to enhance the public welfare characteristics of this peasant film festival, the organizing committee launched a charity event to donate rural digital film screenings to the revolutionary old district and the western region. In order to make this public welfare benefit more rural people in the country, it is hoped that Ningbo's caring enterprises and people will care about the cultural life of farmers in the old revolutionary and western regions, and present them with film screenings. 10 yuan can donate a movie, let a village peasant see free movies. In order to make this film festival a truly peasant event, the organizing committee has added many interactive elements. For example, the film "Loyalty and Betrayal" was invited to interact with the farmers at the opening ceremony, and the farmers selected "favorite films and favorite males and actresses" to let the peasants watch and participate in the film. Interaction, so that they can not only see good movies, but also make them truly become the protagonist of the festival, to feel the film of the evaluation, fully reflect the fun and happiness that the festival brings to them. Closeness is another feature of this festival. During the film festival, the organizing committee organized more than 40 film and television media from the central government to go to Ningbo's high mountains, islands, and revolutionary old districts to conduct “going and changing” grassroots gatherings, and organized 70 rural digital cinema lines representing more than 20 films. The representatives of the copyright party participated in the "Rural Film Creation Symposium", "close to the peasants, close to the times, close to reality", through in-depth life, explore the opportunities and challenges of the development of rural film industry, and further accelerate the development of rural film industry. Since 2008, Ningbo has successfully held four consecutive peasant (rural migrant workers) film festivals. With the care and support of leaders at all levels, the peasant film festival as a cultural card of Ningbo has already had a certain impact in the country. As a special event of Chinese film, the Peasant Film Festival will play a more prominent role in the construction of Ningbo's cultural city and the construction of a new countryside; in the process of comprehensively promoting the construction of a strong cultural city and continuously improving the soft power of the city, the peasant film The festival will become a beautiful brand for the development of Ningbo film culture and even Chinese film culture. (Ningbo Film Co., Ltd., Ningbo Municipal Radio, Film and Television Press and Publication Bureau, Radio and Television Office) The 5th Farmer Film Festival