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Set up a special fund "three in one" protection 2012-09-13


Yesterday and the last two days, more than 10 people from the social circles of the CPPCC and the members of the press and publishing circles led by Hu Zuguang, the executive deputy director of the Science and Education Committee of the Provincial Political Consultative Conference and the honorary chairman of the Provincial Social Science Association, came to Ningbo to inspect the protection and inheritance of intangible cultural heritage. After inspecting the Zhujin lacquer woodcarving art museum, the Jinyin Caixiu Art Museum and the Zilinfang Art Museum, and listening to the report of the Municipal Wenguang Press and Publication Bureau on the protection and inheritance of the city, the members of the city were not The achievements of the legacy protection and inheritance work were fully affirmed, and constructive opinions and suggestions were also put forward. The city's non-legacy protection work has been in the forefront of the country. At present, there are 21 national non-legacy list projects, ranking first among the planned cities; 77 provincial-level directories; 5 national-level inheritors and 40 provincial-level inheritors . The "Trinity" is the first protection method of the city. It binds the non-legacy project, the inheritor and the inheritance (propagation) base, and the three are interdependent, sharing interests and sharing responsibility. At present, 171 city-level and above non-legacy projects have identified inheritors and bases. The Provincial Department of Culture promoted the “three-in-one” experience of Ningbo’s intangible protection in the province. At the National Conference on the Protection of Intangible Cultural Heritage held at the end of last year, the city introduced this experience. The city pays attention to strengthening the productive protection of non-legacy, and initially forms a good pattern of government-led, social participation and market operation. The “Ningbo City Cultural Industry Development Special Funds Management Measures (Trial)” and other documents were issued. The municipal finance arranges 10 million yuan from the municipal industrial development fund every year to set up a special fund for cultural industry development. Over the past three years, it has accumulated More than 8 million yuan was subsidized for non-legacy products, services and projects. In the past three years, nearly 40 projects have been planned for packaging non-religious industries, and have been recommended at the National Cultural Industry Network, Yiwu Cultural Industry Trade Fair and Shenzhen Cultural Fair. The city also gives full play to the advantages of developed private economy and rich private capital, and supports well-known non-legacy enterprises such as Ninghai Oriental Art Co., Ltd., Zhangzhou Zhongyi Sculpture Factory and Jiangbei Cicheng Fenghengda Food Co., Ltd. protection. In recent years, the city has learned from the experience of foreign “ecological museums” and “ecological villages” to provide dynamic and comprehensive protection for villages or specific areas where cultural ecology is relatively intact and of special value. At present, the city has one national ecological protection experimental zone, one provincial level and five municipal level. The Xiangshan Marine Fishery Culture Ecological Protection Experimental Area is the only national experimental area in Zhejiang Province. The city has also actively promoted the construction of non-legacy infrastructure, especially based on traditional art and traditional art projects, and built a number of non-legacy infrastructures that integrate collection, research, production, distribution, display and sales. It played an important role in the protection, inheritance and promotion of intangibles. At the same time, we will provide norms and guidance to infrastructure such as non-legacy museums (display halls) built around the country. In 2008, the city established the first comprehensive intangible cultural heritage exhibition center in the province's 4A-level tourist attraction Tiangong Manor. At present, more than 50 non-legacy museums (display halls) have been opened in the city, forming a government-supported and private-run mode of government support and non-governmental establishments. The state-owned privately-owned, co-constructed joint-venture mode and corporate or individual autonomy A diversified development model such as a private and private mode of self-employment.