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Mid-Autumn Festival Customs of Alamingbo 2012-09-30


Mid-Autumn Festival is a reunion festival. At this time, the weather is getting colder, the moon is empty, and the sweet-scented osmanthus fragrance is the most comfortable season. Most of China's Mid-Autumn Festival is "August 15th and November", but Ningbo alone is the Mid-Autumn Festival on August 16. Why is the Mid-Autumn Festival of Ningbo people August 16? What special customs do you have in Ningbo during the Mid-Autumn Festival? Mid-Autumn Festival, what do people in Ningbo pay attention to? Let's talk about how the people of Ningbo have passed the Mid-Autumn Festival! 1 Sixteen through the Mid-Autumn Festival "The reason why Ningbo has passed the Mid-Autumn Festival on August 16 is related to the Southern Song Dynasty Prime Minister Shi Hao." Ningbo Wenbao expert Yang Gucheng told reporters. In the Qing Dynasty, Yuan Yu’s "Zhubei Miscellaneous Poems" cloud, "Yu Feng (referring to Shi Hao) Shoumu Yizhongqiu", also remembered that "My Township took the sixteenth for the Mid-Autumn Festival, starting with Shi Zhongding (ie Shi Hao), Wen Zhi thought that Mi Yuan, Not also." All indicate that "16 Mid-Autumn Festival" is related to Shi Hao. It is said that the Southern Song Dynasty Prime Minister Shi Hao was a native of Ningbo (then known as Mingzhou). He will return to his hometown and his mother for the holidays as scheduled. One year later, he was delayed on the road, and he returned home one day later, and his mother’s birthday was also August 16. So I discussed the festival and birthday together. Since then, it has spread from the past, and it has become a commonplace. There are also legends that in the last years of the Yuan Dynasty, Zhu Yuanzhang was prepared to unite the various insurgents against the Yuan, but the officers and men of the Yuan Dynasty were very strict in searching and it was very difficult to pass the news. Liu Bowen, a military sergeant, ordered his small papers with the time and place of the uprising to be wrapped in mooncake stuffings, and sent them to the local insurgents to inform them of the uprising response on August 15th. Unexpectedly, due to the long distance, the uprising signal was transmitted to Ningbo on August 16th. Zhu Yuanzhang’s army had already captured the Yuan Dynasty and established the Da Ming regime. The uprising was successful and the people reunited. Zhu Yuanliang sent generals Zhu Zuliang to Zhedong to serve as the prefect of Mingzhou, and conveyed Zhu Yuanzhang’s slogan: “moon cakes” used to secretly transmit information when they were soldiers, as a festival cake to reward the ministers. In order to commemorate the uprising signal to Ningbo, the descendants circulated the custom of eating moon cakes on August 16. And because it is usually rounder in August and June, there is a custom of reuniting the Mid-Autumn Festival at this time. There are many versions of the legend about this, such as Goujian's filial piety and Kangwang's refuge, "but the story about Shi Hao is the most credible, because there are exact local records, and other claims are somewhat far-fetched." The reporter said. 2 Mid-Autumn Festival Dragon Boat "Ningbo Mid-Autumn Festival Dragon Boat is also inextricably linked with Shi Hao." Chen Sujun of Zhangzhou Cultural Center told reporters. According to Qing·Kangxi's "Xixian County" records: "Dragon Boat Festival Dragon Boat Festival, August 15 Mid-Autumn Festival, the world is all right, only Siming is 16 for the Mid-Autumn Festival, and the Mid-Autumn Festival is passed on. The wife of Shi Yue is born on the 16th. Therefore, it is a good holiday, and the dragon boat entertains its relatives. The vulgarity does not change. The daily personnel are all moved by Xiangjun (Shi Hao). It can be seen that since the Southern Song Dynasty, the Mid-Autumn Festival on August 16 has become a custom in Ningbo. . In the Qing Dynasty, Wan Sitong once said in the "Zhuxi Zhuzhi Ci": "The old and the prosperous years are different, the Tian family is still still; the western suburbs are on the 9th, the Lantern Festival, the South Guozhongqiu bucket painting ship." Zhang Yanzhang of the Republic of China The Twelve Months of Bamboo Branches also mentioned: "In August, the mooncakes in the Mid-Autumn Festival are round and the festivals are extended for a day; the east of the city is more beautiful than the west of the city, and the boat is drawn through the streets." The dragon boat is not just the Dragon Boat Festival. specialty". Chen Sujun said that until now, Yunlong and Dongqian Lake area, every year to the Mid-Autumn Festival, the dragon boat is still one of the essential activities. At this time of the year, the early rice has been harvested, the late rice has been planted, and the busy farmers are not easy to idle. The lively scenes of the hundreds of battles have pushed the festive atmosphere to another climax. The Dragon Boat Festival in the Mid-Autumn Festival and the Dragon Boat Festival in the Dragon Boat Festival are also very different in terms of connotation. The dragon boat in the Dragon Boat Festival is to commemorate the poet Qu Yuan. There are such customs in all parts of the country, but the dragon boat in the Mid-Autumn Festival is rare. The meaning of the dragon boat in the Republic of China is detailed in the Republic of China: "The temples in the country are the gods." In the dragon boat race, it is said that it is different from the Dragon Boat Race. The so-called "report" is Xie Yueshen. The god of the Mid-Autumn Festival in Ningbo is the god of the land, harvesting the crops in autumn, and recommending the gods with the new valley. In addition to the dragon boat race, there are many customs of the Mid-Autumn Festival in Ningbo. As the saying goes, "the moon of the fifteenth is sixteen rounds", and therefore August 16 should also be the day of the family reunion. On this day, if there is no special urgent matter, the children must go back to their parents' homes. The son-in-law needs to go to the parents' home to send the festival. At noon, the family and the younger must eat the "reunion dinner" together. The dishes must have a bowl of duck stew. In addition, in Ningbo, the Mid-Autumn Festival has a custom of worshipping the moon, also called the sacrifice month. The vulgar "man does not worship the moon, the woman does not sacrifice the stove." When the moon rises, set up a table in the courtyard, offering moon cakes, melons, cockscombs and other sacrifices. There are also peony pots on the table, a moon palace picture on the table or on the wall, and a fragrant case. The hostess lit up the incense, bowed to the moon, and had words in her mouth, praying that the niece would bless a family, her daughter would be beautiful and smart, and she would find a lover. The family gathered around the table, drinking osmanthus wine, eating moon cakes, fruits, and enjoying the moon. 3 Ning style moon cakes have a unique Chinese moon cake, which is a wide moon cake and a Soviet moon cake. Similarly, Allah's Ning moon cakes are also very distinctive, and more in line with the tastes of Ningbo people. “Ning Style Mooncake” retains the traditional Ningbo flavor. In terms of taste, there are sweet, salty, salty and sweet, sweet like rose, jujube, sesame, sugar, salty such as three fresh meat moon cakes, ham moon cake; from the stuffing, there are five kernels, bean paste, rock sugar , sesame, ham moon cake, etc. "The most distinctive of these is the mossy moon cake and seafood moon cake." Zhu Huimin, a senior food culture scholar in Ningbo, told reporters. "Moss moon cake" is the representative of "Ning style moon cake", and its reputation is outside. Ningbo people call the moss a "mosa", the moss moon cake is made of high-quality moss strips for filling, the moss is tender and green, the meringue is smooth, the level is even, the taste is exquisite, and the crisp is soft and white. The finest moss moon cakes, in addition to the moss, are also served with sesame, nuts, peaches and other fillings to make salt and pepper, sweet and salty, salty and delicious. "I have seen a Shanghai guest ate dozens of mossy moon cakes in one go, no exaggeration at all!" Zhu Huimin told reporters. There is also a seafood moon cake. The Ningbo people at the beach love the seafood of “original, fresh and salty”. Therefore, there are also “seafood moon cakes” with rice and squid as fillings in Ning style moon cakes, which have unique taste. “There are few moon cakes with seafood as a filling in other places,” Zhu Huimin said. Nowadays, although the new flavor moon cakes are endless, the plain-looking moon cakes still have many loyal fans. The traditional Ning style moon cake of the old name Shengyangtai has brought good memories to several generations of Ningbo people. 4 Red glutinous rice cakes, water glutinous rice cakes and phoenix stewed ducks In addition to Ning style moon cakes, Mid-Autumn Festival, Ningbo is also popular with several specialties of cakes and side dishes. Zhu Huimin told reporters that the Mid-Autumn Festival cake popular in Yuyao, Cixi, has a kind called red glutinous cake, the meringue is baked into golden yellow, the red mark is knocked in the middle, and the red enamel is covered on the cake, so it is called "red glutinous cake". Generally used bean paste, white sugar as a filling, plus peaches, kumquats and other accessories, crispy sweet. Zhou Zuoren once said: "The red candle is high for the moon, such as the moon cake with pumpkin. Although I used to eat red glutinous rice cake, I love the god before the sand." The poem mentioned in the poem is the red cake. In the towns of Zhenhai, Beilun and Xiangshan, the custom of eating “water cakes” is popular in the Mid-Autumn Festival. "Water glutinous rice cake" is a white pastry made from rice noodles, also known as "water glutinous rice cake" or "white rice sponge cake". The "water glutinous rice cake" is named from the texture, and the "water simmering stove" in Ningbo means wet. The old saying of Ningbo is "August 16 Water Soaking Cake, September 9th Chongyang Cake". It is enough to show that the water cake is a seasonal food for the people of Ningbo. The “water glutinous rice cake” is a one-inch thick round cake that is as big as a pot. It is shaped like a “full moon” and then cut into small pieces called diamonds. Regardless of the 'full moon' or 'breaking moon', once it is eaten, it will merge with the round moon in the sky. Zhu Huimin couldn't help but praise: "You see that Ningbo people eat more moods!" Mid-Autumn Festival, there is also a side dish that has to be said, that is, the stewed duck. Ningbo folk proverbs cloud: duck bones leeches, August 16th, etc. Duck stew is a must-have for the Mid-Autumn Festival in Ningbo. "Duck bone" refers to the old duck. After the fall, the duck meat is more fragrant and tender. With dried bamboo shoots, mushrooms, ham and other accessories, the taste is unique. "The sleek and white, symbolizes the bright moon; the duck symbolizes the swan geese, the swan geese report, and the good luck. This dish is quite festive." Zhu Huimin said.