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Selected as one of the "Top 100 New Discoveries of the Third National Cultural Relics Survey" 2012-10-15


The Dongmen Lighthouse, located in Dongmen Island, Xiangshan County, is the only cultural relic project in Ningbo that was selected as the “Top 100 New Discoveries of the National Cultural Relics Survey”. Recently, the cultural relics department and the maritime department of the city jointly held a ceremony for the awarding of the Dongmen Lighthouse. The "Mr. Dilemma" --- Ren Xinhe and Ren Yufu's descendant grandson Zhang Xin were invited to attend the ceremony. Dongmen Lighthouse East Gate Lighthouse is the first modern lighthouse built by the people in the city. The lighthouse is located at the head of the Xiangshan Gate. The terrain is majestic and more than 10 meters high. In the four years of the Republic of China (1915), Renmen and Renfufu brothers from Shandong Mendao funded the purchase of the Dongmen Mentou Mountain and invested in the construction of a lighthouse to pilot the passing vessels. The lighthouse was originally made of acetylene lamps from the Swedish company, and the lamps were burned and replaced with steam lamps due to improper operation. After the storage of kerosene in the tower, the torch was accidentally paid. In the eight years of the Republic of China (1919), Ren Cunzhong and Yanchang Kiko Geng (word biography chief) and other fund-raising reconstruction. The reconstructed lighthouse model is modeled after the Yushan Lighthouse. It consists of three floors and is made up of white round bricks. It is 10 meters high and is illuminated by steam lamps. The kerosene is supported by the customs. The glass pillar is widened to 100 mm, and the first pillar of the east is just opposite to the reef in the channel. The crew does not see the light, which is known as the navigation danger zone. At the side of the tower, there is a monument to the Qing Dynasty, the title of "Liangshan Island Lighthouse" written by Huang Yan Yu Changlin, and pavilions, fish ponds, rockeries, and exotic flowers. In 1941, Dongmen Island fell, the lighthouse was controlled by the Japanese army, and the lamp inside the tower was destroyed. After the victory of the Anti-Japanese War, Ren Yifu unconditionally dedicated the lighthouse to the country. In 1998, the local authorities raised funds of 100,000 yuan, repaired as they were, set up the "East Gate Island Lighthouse" monument, display ship models, fishing gear, and also added Cai Yuanpei statue and "exit its East Gate, Jieer Zhaoming" At present, the Dongmen Island Lighthouse is no longer used, but it has become one of the Xiangshan Humanities.