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Zhejiang Contemporary Lacquer Art Exhibition Beilun exhibited 2012-10-18


Yesterday morning, a spectator visited the lacquer painting exhibition. Yesterday morning, as one of the activities of the 3rd China Ningbo International Port Culture Festival, the 2012 Zhejiang Contemporary Lacquer Art Exhibition jointly hosted by Zhejiang Artists Association, Beilun District Government and China Academy of Art Public Art Institute was exhibited at Beilun Sports Training Base. The exhibition will end on October 19. The exhibition features more than 100 pieces of lacquer art from lacquer artists from all over the province. These works are rich in subject matter and diverse in style, which generally reflects the face of contemporary Zhejiang lacquer painting and lacquer art creation. Cheng Xiangjun, a professor at the Academy of Fine Arts of Tsinghua University, told reporters: “Zhejiang lacquer painting started late, but Zhejiang is the hometown of famous lacquer. 7000 years ago, Ningbo Hemudu ancestors began to use lacquer. Although lacquer art is one of the oldest art in China, However, lacquer painting is the youngest kind of painting. The lacquer painting has high requirements for creation. It is a combination of art and science. Zhejiang lacquer painter masters lacquering, expands the language connotation of lacquer painting, enriches artistic expression, and excavates creative depth. He has made bold attempts and breakthroughs and achieved good results.” It is reported that in 1984, lacquer painting began to enter the national art exhibition as an independent painting, and two professors from Zhejiang Academy of Fine Arts, Huang Shang and Hou Youmin, created the work of Zhemei lacquer painting. Room to promote the growth of the Zhejiang paint team. In recent years, Beilun has also been striving to create a characteristic brand of lacquer painting. It has established a lacquer painting creation base in Ningbo Vocational and Technical College, and established a lacquer painting work society. It has successively held the “Painting Life – Beilun Paint Painting Creation Group Exhibition” and “ The lacquer paintings and other exhibitions, such as Wang Wenjia's lacquer painting exhibition, won seven awards at the 12th Art Exhibition in Zhejiang Province. In 2011, the lacquer painting creation base of Zhejiang Artists Association settled in Beilun, which further promoted the development of Beilun lacquer painting. Today, Beilun has more than 60 lacquer painting authors, making it one of the largest groups in the province's lacquer painting creation team.