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Tianyi Lecture: Listen to nutrition experts to talk about "micronutrients" 2012-10-20


What are the symptoms of micronutrient, micronutrient deficiency, and which foods can obtain micronutrients? On the afternoon of October 20th, Mr. Jiang Zhuoqin, a nutrition expert and professor of nutrition and food safety at Sun Yat-Sen University, gave a lecture on the guest day. Through two hours of lectures and half an hour of interaction, the audience's questions were solved. Micronutrients, minerals and vitamins, people lack food and feel hunger, but lack micronutrients, but they don't feel it quickly. The long-term accumulation of this "hidden hunger" is even more harmful. When introducing the composition of micronutrients, Professor Jiang Zhuoqin selected the minerals such as calcium, iron and zinc which are relatively easy to be lacking in Chinese diet, as well as vitamins A, B1, C, E and folic acid. He introduced various micronutrients one by one. The symptoms that appear after lack of it are also targeted to introduce foods that supplement various nutrients. In the explanation, Professor Jiang pays attention to the characteristics of Ningbo's local diet, and actively interacts with the audience on the spot to attract the attention of the listeners to the topic of micronutrients in a popular and interesting language. Professor Jiang said that no natural food can contain all the micronutrients needed by the human body. Therefore, our three meals a day must be diversified in food choices, staple food, vegetables, fruits, milk, beans, fish. Poultry meat eggs should not be neglected and proportioned to achieve a balanced diet. In addition, the body is more suitable for receiving naturally occurring foods, and the acquisition of micronutrients is also mainly derived from natural foods and cannot be dependent on drugs or health supplements. (Ningbo City Library) Presenter: Jiang Zhuoqin, nutrition expert, deputy director of Institute of Preventive Medicine, Sun Yat-sen University, professor of nutrition and food safety at Sun Yat-Sen University, doctoral tutor, technical director of health testing center, and concurrently Member of the emergency group of public health incidents, member of the China Medical Science and Technology Awards Jury, and member of the Women and Children's Branch of the Chinese Nutrition Society. His main research interests are diet nutrition and health, food safety, and he has presided over several national natural science and international cooperation research projects. He has published more than 100 papers, and edited and participated in the monograph "Human Nutrition", "Medical Nutrition", 13 Chinese food culture. Published more than 100 papers.