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City Wenbao has done its due diligence to participate in the renovation of historical districts 2012-10-23


With the renovation, renovation and upgrading of the Gulou Park Road historical and cultural district and the Lianqiao Street style coordination area, the backbone of the Wenbao Institute's cultural protection business, actively take the approach of early intervention, participate in the guidance and supervision of regional planning and design, and the cultural protection unit Protection (point) maintenance program review and on-site construction guidance and management. The Park Road Block is the location of the Tang Dynasty City and the successive generations of the Tang Dynasty. It is the political center of Ningbo. During the renovation and improvement of the Park Road Block, the Municipal Cultural Insurance Institute actively participated in and cooperated with relevant departments to propose amendments to the rectification and design plan. And suggestions. In view of the special historical position of the block, there are deep historical and cultural relics underground, and there are also buildings such as Drum Tower, Zhongshan Park and Xuetai House on the ground. The newly-built antique buildings form a new pattern along both sides of the road. Most of the style and volume of these antique buildings do not fully reflect the characteristics of traditional residential buildings in Ningbo, and they have been dissident. In this communication and cooperation between the city and the district industry, combined with the transformation of the building and the enhancement of its cultural connotation and quality, the management department cooperates with the management department to improve and reflect the characteristics of Ningbo traditional architecture. During the review and guidance, he put forward opinions and suggestions on the addition of elements of Ningbo residential buildings to the antique buildings, and made good guidance on the protection and utilization of the maintenance and maintenance projects of the cultural preservation buildings in the neighborhood. In the renovation and upgrading project of the Lianqiao District in the historical and cultural city coordinating area, according to the progress of the block project, it is tireless to make suggestions and opinions to the construction and design departments, aiming at the history of the residential area where the residents of Lianqiao District were originally residents. Historical facts, in order to maintain the texture and architectural features of its neighborhood, it is necessary to pay attention to the renovation of the block and the promotion of cultural elements in the construction and the cultural connotation of “Sun Lake”. The building materials and construction techniques used should pay attention to the traditional features, less artificial carving and non-traditional taste, making it a true coordinating area between the historical district of Yuehu and the county temple. (Ningbo City Cultural Relics Protection Management Office)