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Baiyun Theater welcomes the singer-song silver hair "Chasing the Stars" 2012-10-26


These two nights, at the Baiyun Children's Art Theater, started from the evening of October 24th, specially for the elderly friends, the "Sunset is infinite, ninety-nine yangyang" theme boutique drama performances, three days in a row of "The Miser", Many of the silver-haired "chasing stars" vying to watch each other constitute a unique landscape. At 7:30 on the evening of the 24th, the audience was basically seated at 7:00. The 82-year-old Mr. Zhu Zhongfang and his wife Lin Huifen sat in the audience seat early. The old couple said happily that they learned through the newspaper that 50 free tickets for the show can be given to the elderly over 70 years old, they will make an appointment immediately, and they will receive the ticket with the old age certificate. They are interested in this old and old society. The atmosphere is applauded. The old couple who have a special liking for the story are 60 years old fans. When it comes to the drama, the two old people are lingering. Mrs. Lin said that her favorite drama master is Yang Jialing. As long as she plays the drama, every one of them likes it very much. The descendants of the drama dramas Wang Lizhen and Wang Liping are also her idols, and they are familiar with the dramas they have played. Yu Xin. When it was learned that the pipa troupe celebrated the 60th anniversary of the founding of the group in November, there will be six boutique dramas at the Shaw Theatre, and the two elderly people immediately said they must go and see. That night, Mrs. Yu Jinying led a six- or seven-year-old granddaughter to watch the drama. Mrs. Yu said: "I have been chasing the drama for more than 30 years. Not only I am a fan, but my granddaughter is also." She told reporters She likes "Half-Scissors" most, and she doesn't get bored.