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Ningbo Radio and Television Monitoring Center opened 2012-10-29


On October 26, after a month of trial operation, the Ningbo Radio and Television Monitoring Center was officially opened. The opening ceremony was hosted by Director Chen Jiaqiang of Ningbo Culture, Radio, Film and Television Press and Publication Bureau. Vice Mayor Zhang Minghua of Ningbo Municipal Government, Deputy Director Qi Lixin of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, and Director of the Zhejiang Radio, Film and Television Bureau, Tie Guoqiang, attended the ceremony. Vice Mayor Zhang made a speech at the opening ceremony. He proposed that the monitoring center “should keep in mind the mission, always adhere to the center and serve the overall situation; second, we must faithfully perform our duties, always insist on serving the party and serving the people; In fact, we always adhere to standardized management and innovative services." Mr. Tie Guoqiang’s inspector gave a speech. He hoped that the monitoring center would: “One is to focus on the center to ensure the safe broadcasting of the 18th National Congress; the second is to strengthen innovation and promote the construction of a comprehensive monitoring platform; the third is to strengthen training and create high-quality monitoring. Team." Deputy Director Qi Lixin delivered a speech. She pointed out: "Over the years, Ningbo City has attached great importance to radio and television work, always insists on grasping the correct orientation, ensuring safe broadcasting, developing business industries, strengthening management according to law, and achieving leap-forward development in all undertakings." The official launch of Ningbo Radio and Television Monitoring Center is of great significance. I believe that with the application of scientific and technological supervision means, the safety of radio and television will be further improved, and a strong guarantee for promoting social harmony and stability will be provided." Also attending the opening ceremony were the leaders of the Zhejiang Provincial Radio and Television Bureau, the leaders of broadcasting and television monitoring agencies in Beijing, Shanghai, Zhejiang Province, the heads of radio and television monitoring agencies in various cities in the province, the leaders of relevant units in Ningbo, the heads of various units in the bureau, and the counties. (City) District Culture, Radio, Film and Television Press and Publication Bureau leader, radio and television broadcast agency leaders. Ningbo Radio and Television Monitoring Center selects the first-class monitoring software and hardware in China, with the central computer room as the core, and the monitoring front end of 9 counties (cities) and 4 enterprise stations as the fulcrum, forming a radio and television monitoring system covering the whole city. . After the official launch of the monitoring center, it will be able to monitor, collect, sample, analyze, and guide the broadcast, security, program content and technical quality of the broadcasting and broadcasting organizations at the city level and county (city) level. The organization constantly regulates the level and quality of program broadcasts. Vice Mayor Zhang Minghua's speech, Mr. Tie Guoqiang, inspector, delivered a speech by Deputy Director Qi Lixin, Director Chen Jiaqiang, chairing the corner of the ceremony monitoring hall (Ningbo Radio and Television Monitoring Center)