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Cultural Spark, Sugawara in the countryside - the "culture" activities in the rural areas of our city 2012-10-31


On October 16th, the 4th Ningbo Rural “Cultural Culture” activity exhibition jointly organized by the Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, the Municipal Civilization Office and the Municipal Culture, Radio, Film and Television Publishing Bureau was held in Da Pengshan Square, Longshan Town, Cixi City, from all over the city. The 13 peasant culture teams presented a wonderful performance for the people. This is the fruit of the city's vigorous development of rural “culture” activities since 2008. In the past four years, the city has organized grassroots cultural and sports teams and styles. The backbone training and counseling more than 3,000 times, the grassroots "cultural walking pro" activities more than 1,600 times, not only greatly enriched the spiritual and cultural life of the peasants, but also formed a cultural consciousness. Just after 6 o'clock in the evening, the new cotton village square is crowded with people. The hundreds of residents from Xinmian Village and surrounding villages are surrounded by the square... On September 26, Xinmian Village, Xiaogang Street, Beilun District, “New Cotton Sound” The karaoke contest is being held. Seventeen players from the New Cotton Village, nearby businesses and schools boarded the "Good Voice" stage. The competition kicked off in the "Following the Country" of Xie Wenming, a teacher of the primary school. "I hope that people will last for a long time", "take off the stars", "independence to the moon", "Red Bean"... The players sang in turn to win the applause of the judges and the audience. "It’s so old, the sound is so loud, and it’s so good to hear!” The Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, which was sung by Zhao Bingguo from Xinmian Village, won the most applause. After he sang, the audience was still full of praise. Finally, the judges selected one gold medal, two silver medals, four bronze medals, two best popular prizes and seven participating prizes. The “New Cotton Good Voice” Karaoke Competition is one of the highlights that can be seen everywhere in the countryside since Beilun District created the “Haixiang Culture Stage”. “Haixiang Culture Grand Stage” is a mass cultural activity brand that Beilun District started to establish in 2008. The government funded and supported the rural literary talents to form a self-entertaining performance team to perform at home. At present, Beilun District already has Haichen Art. A group of distinctive amateur literary and art teams, such as the Youth Group, the Sunset Red Art Troupe, the National Flower and Art Literacy Team, the Meishan Dragon and Lion Dance Team, and the Chunxiao Town Sand Boat Team, have been active in the rural cultural arena all the year round and have been well received by the grassroots. . It is understood that there are currently more than 300 amateur literary and art teams in Beilun District, more than 600 grassroots literary and art cadres, and more than 3,000 literary and artistic members who participate in rehearsals and performances throughout the year. A large number of “one town and one product” have emerged throughout the region. "One village, one product" featured cultural towns (townships) and villages, and at least all autonomous cultural teams were built in all administrative villages. Large and small "Haixiang Culture Stage" has made the people who love literature and art have places to perform and watch, attracting hundreds of thousands of people every year. Beilun District has also specially formulated a cultural development plan and established a cultural development fund totaling 30 million yuan, focusing on the development of cultural activities and the enhancement of the cultural facilities. On Sunday, in front of Yu Qingshou, a villager in Shaojiaqiu Village, Linshan Town, Yuyao City, there was a small house newly built in recent years. The house was hung with a sign with the words “Cultural Center Household”. When I entered the house, I saw a computer inside. There was a stack of newspapers on the newspaper clip. There were hundreds of books on the bookshelf. There was a chess table in the middle of the room. Four people were sitting and playing chess... Yu Qingshou is Yuyao. One of more than 1,000 “cultural center households” in rural areas. In recent years, although each administrative village has a place for cultural activities in the central village, the activities of other small villagers in the natural villages are inconvenient because of the long distance. Therefore, Yuyao has been searching for some cultural activities and enthusiasm in some villages. The farmers who serve the masses open up one or two houses in their homes to make cultural activities. The townships and towns give a certain amount of activity subsidies, or help them to add some cultural activities and equipment. Under normal circumstances, a cultural center household can radiate dozens of households or even hundreds of households around, so that the surrounding people can participate in cultural activities at their doorstep. Since Yuyao City encouraged the establishment of a “Cultural Center Household” with family as the unit in 2007, “Cultural Center Households” have been increasing, and now it has reached 1,100 households. The activities of the “Cultural Center Households” are no longer just a gathering of dozens of families, and some radiate the villages and even the surrounding villages. Every summer festival of Hanxia Village, the cultural center of Hanxia Village, Huangjiatun Town, Yuyao City, often organizes a literary evening, and villagers from the surrounding villages come to watch. The “Cultural Center Household” pushed the village cultural position to the natural village, shortening the radius of the peasant cultural and sports activities, and forming a “five minutes of cultural and sports activities circle” around the peasants. At the same time, the spontaneous literary enthusiasm of the farmers in the activity circle has also cultivated a large number of peasant's own literary and art teams. At present, there are one or two characteristic literary and art teams in each village in Yuyao. They often carry out “cultural walks” activities such as “replacement” and “wheeling”, so that farmers in the activity circle can often see different regional characteristics. Theatrical performances. Yesterday, the village cultural palace in Datunshan Village, Guanhaiwei Town, Cixi City was full of excitement. More than 10 women were rehearsing group dances, and several old people were drinking tea and chatting here. Datunshan Village is a relatively remote village in Cixi City. What kind of entertainment activities have recently arrived at Shiqiao or Guanhaiwei Town, a few kilometers away. With this cultural palace, it is much more convenient for the villagers to carry out cultural activities. Such a "village culture palace" is found in every village in Cixi. In order to allow more villages to build the “Village Culture Palace”, since 2000, Cixi City has successively issued a series of documents such as “Implementation Opinions on the Construction of Village Cultural Palace”, and formulated a set of “Village Culture Palace” to create, accept, reward and The standards and methods for subsidies are also carried out 6 to 8 annual business trainings for rural literary and art backbones. While Cixi City has introduced the policy of supporting the “Village Culture Palace”, it also encourages social forces to actively participate in the construction of the village cultural palace and carry out joint activities of village enterprises. Many private entrepreneurs have begun to pay attention to “cultural and sports support” while paying attention to “bridge construction and paving the way”. Many enterprises not only sponsor the activities of the village, but also transport the company's boutique programs to the village to form cultural interaction between the employees and the villagers. So far, more than 2,000 private enterprises in Cixi have funded rural cultural undertakings in various forms, and donated more than 50 million yuan. Lianhan Street Lianxing Village also established the first cultural foundation of the province and received strong support from the first batch of 38 member companies. Up to now, there are more than 1,200 cultural and sports teams in Cixi, with more than 30,000 people in literature and sports. The village’s 274 villages have fully covered the village’s cultural palace. And basically formed the pattern of "one town, one product" and "one village, one product", such as the folk rap of Sanbei, the dragon dance performance of Changsheng City Village, the Yue Opera of the palm, the Yao opera of Kandun, and the brass music of Zhendong. The old-aged drum team in Ximenwai Village. The Cixi Village Cultural Palace has also been promoted to Ningbo City. At present, the coverage of the “Village Culture Palace” in the city has exceeded 95%. This new type of rural public cultural position has become a new way to spread culture, a new platform for public cultural services, and a new space for people's healthy spiritual and cultural life.