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Strengthening the drama to popularize local art 2012-11-01


As a local opera of Ningbo, the drama is a vivid carrier of Ningbo's regional culture. Implementing the drama protection and inheriting and carrying forward this excellent folk culture is of great significance for tapping the essence of Zhedong folk culture, cultivating the people's cultural identity and satisfying the growing cultural needs of the people. Since the establishment of the drama drama training center in 2012, it has attached great importance to the promotion and promotion of this local art, and has successively carried out a number of drama dramas. A few days ago, the director of the Institute's drama drama department and the national first-class actor, Wu Xingkang, continued to lead the work of the drama through the lectures and radio teaching and singing. In October, at the invitation of the Ningbo Democratic Promotion Association, Wo Xingkang gave a special lecture on the development of the drama to the members of the Democratic Progressive. The lecture mainly gave a vivid explanation of the origin, development, creation and the artistic experience of Wo Xingkang. The atmosphere was lively. This lecture popularized the common sense of the drama, and let more people understand the drama and the drama, and played a very good role in the spread of the drama. On the 25th, Wo Xingkang went to the Ningbo People's Broadcasting Station's Sunshine FM drama program "Liyuan Landscape", interviewed and sang live. During the interview, he talked about the rescue work of the old artist in the past year, and introduced the importance and current progress of the project. The old artist's rescue protection project provides rescue protection for all the historical materials and materials of the old artists of the opera. At present, the working group led by Wo Xingkang has twice visited Shanghai and collected a batch of precious materials. Some of the old artists in Shanghai are almost ninety years old, so it is urgent and important to carry out this project. At the same time, he introduced the personal singer album to be published in November, which is accompanied by an accompaniment CD, which will play a positive role in the popularization and promotion of the drama. At the end of the program, Mr. Wo interacted with the fans and sang the singer on the spot. The program achieved good results and enthusiastic feedback from the fans. (Ningbo City Culture and Art Research Institute)