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The cultural industry has become a new force to promote the economic transformation and upgrading of the Haitang region. 2012-11-02


At the end of 2011, Haishu District achieved an added value of 2.529 billion yuan in cultural industry, accounting for 5.5% of GDP, ranking first in the three districts, and 4,735 enterprises and institutions engaged in creative industries, accounting for 33.3% of all legal entities in Haishu District. In 2011, 43.9% of all enterprises introduced in Haishu District were cultural and creative units. From January to September 2012, the added value of the cultural industry in Haishu District exceeded 1.5 billion yuan, accounting for 4.4% of GDP. 4,905 corporate entities engaged in creative industries, accounting for 34.3% of all legal entities. The 163 cultural and creative industries above designated size achieved an operating income of 8.185 billion yuan. The cultural industry has increasingly become a new force to promote the transformation and upgrading of the Hainan regional economy. In March 2012, under the attention of the main leaders of the district committee and the district government, the first special plan for the development of cultural industry in Haishu District was completed. The “Strategic Action Plan for the Development of Huanyu Lake Culture (Tourism) Industry in Haishu District was completed. “Planning” has made clear plans for key steps in the development of cultural industries in Haishu District in the next three years, and it has become a programmatic plan to guide the development of cultural industries in the future. In late September, under the leadership of the Propaganda Department of the District Party Committee, the District Wenguang Bureau, together with the District Development and Reform Bureau and the Planning Bureau, conducted a special study again, forming a short- and medium-term promotion plan for the implementation of the block and phased implementation. At this point, the planning and layout of the cultural industry development of Haitang Hunyue Lake has matured, and the cultural industry is on the rise and develops rapidly. Our district is the county and city where the city has established a cultural industry monitoring platform earlier. Under the circumstance that the statistical standards for cultural industry data in the city have not been unified, the statistical department of our district has combined the national classification criteria for cultural industries, combined with the actual development of Haishu culture industry, to overcome various difficulties and wrote the “Haiyan District Culture and Creativity in 2009 and 2011 respectively. The Industrial Operation Analysis Report, together with the Wenguang Department, focused on more than 160 cultural and creative industries above designated size. Beginning in June 2012, in order to strengthen the dynamic monitoring of cultural enterprises, the District Wenguang Department and the Haishu Industrial and Commercial Bureau jointly established a monthly statistical system for the development of cultural industry in the region. The newly registered capital of the month was 5 million yuan. The above enterprises conduct key visits and monitoring. Since the beginning of this year, Haishu District has successively launched the Cultural Industry Improvement Project of Gulou Pedestrian Street and the Cultural Industry Improvement Project of the County Temple-Tianfeng Tower Historic District. In order to promote the accumulation of cultural industries in these two blocks and the formation of featured projects, the District Cultural and Cultural Bureau has repeatedly invited the leaders of the Municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, the Municipal Bureau of Cultural Affairs, the Municipal Tourism Administration, the Municipal Planning Bureau and other experts to visit the two projects. The unit conducts on-site work guidance and introduction of project planning. At the end of June, the district Wenguang department and the implementation unit carried out project publicity, packaging and declaration. Among them, the Gulou Pedestrian Street Cultural Industry Improvement Project was included in the 2012 key support project of Ningbo Cultural Industry Special Fund, and has now won a policy of 300,000 yuan. Financial support. In addition, the cultural department of our district has also taken the initiative to strengthen working relations with Ningbo Ningfang Company and Haicheng Company to provide services for the introduction of the cultural enterprises of Lianqiao Street and the introduction of cultural enterprises in the second phase of Nantang Old Street. To help further enhance the cultural atmosphere in the first phase of Nantang Old Street, during the 2012 Ningbo Shopping Festival, we planned and hosted the Qixi Temple Fair and sent open-air movies to Laojie. Recently, Haishu District will also formulate the "Measures for Strengthening the Implementation of Cultural Industry Development", and continuously promote the rapid development of the cultural industry by increasing the funds, policies and talents support of the cultural industry. In order to give play to the leading role of brand enterprises and enhance the level of cultural enterprises, Haishu District actively exerted the resource advantages of cultural talents to help the continuous loss of the Shengshihua Hall to carry out business transformation, and introduced the reputation of “the domestic Jianbao leader”. Mr. Cai Guosheng established a personal studio in Shengshihua Hall, which made Shengshihua Hall a domestic high-end cultural business place that appreciates, exchanges, displays and auctions. Shengshihua Hall has also become the first company in our district to introduce celebrities. During the 2012 Dagang Economic Cooperation Forum, under the concern of the main leaders of the district government, the “Ningbo UME International Studios Project” officially settled in Ningbo. Different from Ningbo's current traditional cinema, UME International Studios, created by the famous director Wu Siyuan, has a unique cultural background and star resources, enabling viewers to get close to the favorite stars while enjoying the movie. A full range of international film culture. Haishu has a profound cultural heritage, and its cultural resources have obvious advantages. In order to transform the advantages of cultural resources into the advantages of cultural industry development, our district has jointly launched a “Holiday History and Culture Day Tour” in the first half of the year, during the Ningbo Shopping Festival in 2012. The tour guides of citizens, tourists and travel agencies will be organized again to launch a one-day tour of the history and culture of Haishu, which is a “walking to Haishu·Taste of Ningbo”, and to promote the historical and cultural resources of Haishu. At the same time, the joint Southeast Business Newspaper launched the story and storytelling activities of Haishu history and culture, continuously enhanced the cultural attraction of Haishu, and created a cultural soft environment for the development of Haishu culture industry. In October, the film "Life has Love" jointly invested by our district and China Disabled Persons' Federation will soon complete post-production, and will be screened at the national hospital at the end of the year. The inspirational film "The Absurdity Agreement" jointly produced by Haishu District Party Committee Propaganda Department and Ningbo Haimo Film and Television Co., Ltd., which is registered with Haishu, will also be broadcast on CCTV Film Channel. The film also won the finalist award for the 2012 Hollywood Screenplay Contest, which is the only award-winning script in the world's non-English language regions. (Haicang District Culture, Radio, Film and Television Press and Publication Bureau)