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Tianyi Lecture focuses on consumer rights this week 2013-03-09


On the afternoon of March 9, the Ningbo Library invited the Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce 12315 to report the complaints command center, Director Lu Xiaofeng, as a guest lecturer, and presented the audience on the occasion of the “3•15 International Consumer Rights Day”. A lecture on general knowledge entitled "Daily 3.15 - A Talk on Consumer Protection". In the lecture, Lu Ke, with his plain words, introduced vivid cases and popularized the basic legal knowledge including the protection system of consumers' rights and interests, the legal rights and agreed rights of consumers, and the consumers who have been engaged in the consumer for many years. The rich experience of rights protection work shared with the audience the basic common sense of consumer self-protection and the small coups of rights protection in daily life. Lu Kechang called for "maintaining consumer rights and interests is the common responsibility of the whole society". It also hopes that the vast number of consumers can rationally consume, and that there must be evidence based on consumption. When their rights and interests are violated, they must timely safeguard their rights and protect their rights according to law. (After the lecture, Director Lu Xiaofeng answered questions for the audience.) (Ningbo City Library) Speaker Profile: Lu Xiaofeng, Director of the Ningbo Municipal Administration for Industry and Commerce 12315 Reporting Complaint Command Center, from the frontline of consumer rights protection, long-term Engaged in consumer disputes mediation, 12315 platform integration and standardization construction, consumer education and consumer guidance, socialization rights network construction and other consumer rights protection work, participated in mediation and many difficult and complex consumer disputes, and has rich practical experience in consumer rights protection.