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Commemorating Zhou Xinfang’s 112th Anniversary Party will be held at the Yifu Theatre 2013-03-12


In the history of the development of Peking Opera, Zhou Xinfang’s “麒派” art has a good reputation in the Beijing opera industry. It has been widely welcomed by Peking Opera audiences for many years and has a high attendance rate. Zhou Xinfang, a Peking Opera master born in Ningbo and famous in Shanghai, has made outstanding contributions to the Peking Opera career during his half-century career. In order to show respect for this fellow, and also to enable the vast audience of Ningbo to further appreciate the unique charm of the Peking School, which is hosted by the Chinese Drama Association and the Ningbo Federation of Literary and Art Circles. "The large-scale Peking Opera Party, which commemorates the 112th anniversary of the Ningbo-based Peking Opera Masters, will be held at the Yifu Theatre in Ningbo on March 20th, 2013 at 7:30pm. The most noteworthy of this performance is undoubtedly a strong star lineup. Many famous people and famous Beijing operas from the drama industry and familiar with them will come to the scene. At that time, the audience of Ningbo opera fans will have the honor to see their style. Yuan Huiqin, the winner of the National Peking Opera Plum Blossom Award, participated in the performance. As a famous old man, she was famous for her singing and melody, and she was very popular. She was loved by many Peking Opera audiences. The famous old-time performance artist Lei Yusheng is widely known. He has created many classic characters in many TV dramas and dramas. His outstanding performance skills have always been well received. The representatives of the two different schools of Peking Opera, Yang Chi and Wang Rongrong, will also participate in this performance. Yang Chi, as a descendant of Peking Opera Yuan, a famous figure, and dean of the Dalian Peking Opera Theatre, has always been the leader of the art of exploring and promoting the Yuan School of Guangda. Academic leader. Wang Rongrong, a famous Zhangjia master and plum blossom winner, is a dignified and sweet voice, and he is very dignified and very delicate. He is very popular with Zhang Tsai Tsing Yi, and has become a leading figure in the new era. In addition, well-known host Bai Yansheng will host the performance, a strong guest lineup will make this party star-studded, more grand and exciting. The Shanghai Peking Opera Theatre will present the classics of the "Sui Pai", which are the most representative selections of Mr. Zhou Xinfang, including "Chasing Han Xin", "Mu Guiying, Commanding and Holding", "Xu Ce Run City" Etc. The whole performance will focus on the unique style of the art of the quintessence of the country and the unique charm of the "Linpai" art. At that time, the plum blossom winner from Shanghai Peking Opera Theatre, the national first-class actor, the famous Lin Pai old student Chen Shaoyun, the national first-class actor, Shanghai Intangible Cultural Heritage Peking Opera project representative inheritor Yan Qinggu and many outstanding young actors will perform on stage. To the audience of Ningbo, a feast of the "Linpai" art of Beijing opera. (Ningbo Theater)