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Ningbo aims to build a "six-chemical" to ensure a new level of law enforcement in the year 2013-03-14


Recently, the Ningbo Municipal Cultural Market Law Enforcement Corps, in conjunction with the provincial and annual work requirements, has formulated a detailed work plan, requiring all localities to follow the requirements of “keeping the bottom line, creating bright spots, re-standardizing, and strengthening the foundation” to build “patrol normalization and team specialization”. The goal of “standardization of work, supervision and informationization, coordination mechanism, and management and service” is to ensure a new level of law enforcement in the city. It is required that the whole city maintain a group of law enforcement teams to inspect the market every day, and insist on shifting the focus. 60% of the law enforcement forces at the municipal level are placed in non-central urban areas, and 60% of the law enforcement forces in the county (city) district are placed in non-chengguan towns to implement urban and rural integration. Grid-based supervision, to achieve full coverage of law enforcement inspections. Focusing on cultural product content, safe production, and protection of minors, combined with major tasks such as major festivals, important events, and the creation of civilized cities, we will carry out key rectification and special supervision, and severely investigate and punish all kinds of violations. Taking the opportunity of the Ministry of Culture to carry out law enforcement and large-scale training activities, centralized learning, exchanges, seminars, and trainings were held in batches; cultural law enforcement “micro-teaching” and “monthly law enforcement stars” were selected as carriers to set off “study business skills” throughout the city. And as a new enthusiasm for post-modeling; it is necessary to further strengthen the capacity building of the three teams of "hands-on key, case reviewers, and network inspectors" through the activities of sending up and down and exchanges with each other; Activities such as mutual investigation and case handling, top ten case files, and top ten case selection will improve the quality of case handling. It is necessary to do a good job in the study and implementation of the Ministry of Culture's comprehensive law enforcement normative documents, effectively implement the normative requirements into daily law enforcement inspections and handling cases, and further standardize internal management and external law enforcement work; actively carry out standardization of law enforcement work and conduct law enforcement work demonstrations. We will create pilot projects for activities and cultural relics innovation; we must improve the city's law enforcement work assessment and the contingent's department performance evaluation methods, and analyze and report the completion of work in each quarter according to the appraisal rules, and promote the city's law enforcement work as a whole. It is necessary to increase the intensity of system development, integrate various system resources, expand the field of technical supervision, and extend from traditional Internet cafes, performances, entertainment supervision to publishing, networking, cultural relics, etc., broaden the scope of supervision and improve the efficiency of law enforcement. It is necessary to standardize online case handling, real-time operation, and promote the use of mobile law enforcement equipment. It is necessary to establish a document archive information management library and standardize file management. Cooperate with the construction of the 12318 reporting system platform. It is necessary to strengthen the construction of cooperation mechanisms with relevant functional departments, explore the establishment of cooperation with religious, tourism, communications, postal and other administrative departments, strengthen the construction of joint sealing mechanisms for illegal publications in and out of the country, and jointly maintain the cultural market management order; The construction of the market supervision system, strengthen the guidance and promotion of the construction of township law enforcement squadrons, and constantly optimize the rural cultural market supervision mode with innovation; strengthen the internal coordination mechanism to jointly solve the problems encountered in the examination, management, and law enforcement. Correctly handle the relationship between law enforcement and development, adhere to the combination of law enforcement and service, conduct the first inspection of newly established cultural categories and cultural venues within one month of establishment, in order to make recommendations, request, and deliver services; Cultural enterprises with certain influence have implemented a visit to law enforcement, listened to opinions, provided services, and urged rectification; focused on adopting multiple law enforcement methods for emerging market and paying attention to guiding education. (Ningbo City Cultural Market Administrative Law Enforcement Corps)