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Experts support Ningbo non-genetic inheritance and development 2013-03-18


On March 15th, the newspaper reported that the non-genetic inheritance development urgently needs to improve the "hematopoietic function", and the news report of Ningbo Jinyin Caixiu recruiting planning talents to the whole society has aroused the reader's attention and the "slow work and fine work" non-legacy project. In the process of inheritance and development, experts have also made plans to propose a strategy for Ningbo to keep pace with the times. Wang Zhiming, deputy inspector of the Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film and Television, said that the "non-legacy" is characterized by "living change". The reason why it becomes "non-legacy" is that it is characterized by economic globalization and social modernization. The living environment has gradually deteriorated, and the life of the people has gradually drifted away. Some have even withdrawn from the lives of the people. Therefore, in order to change the status quo of protection, it is necessary to improve the relationship between them and the lives of the people. For example, in the past, the national-level non-legacy "gold and silver color embroidery" in Ningbo, in the past, Ningbo has the tradition of "home knitting, household embroidery". When the big girl is married, the cheongsam and satin made of gold and silver color embroidery are essential dowry. The custom of modern society is no longer the "gold and silver color embroidery" is gradually unknown to the modern Ningbo people. In this regard, Wang Zhiming pointed out that how to let it return to the people is the problem that needs to be solved now. He believes that in addition to excavating the cultural connotation of "gold and silver color embroidery", it is necessary to put more eyes on the market, not only to take the high-end route such as "gifts", but also to develop a life-related and closely related to the lives of the people. "Fashion" daily necessities make it "fly into the homes of ordinary people." At present, Xiangshan Kaiyang, Xie Yang Festival, Mazu, Ruyi Xinsu; Ninghai Shili Red Makeup, Former Tongyuan Lantern Festival; Fenghua Maitreya Cultural Festival and other folklore non-legacy projects, the influence in the city is increasing, and formed a good atmosphere for the participation of the whole people. In this regard, Kong Yan, deputy director of the Municipal Cultural Center, believes that the government's leadership and support for the holding of relevant festival activities have boosted the inheritance and development of these non-legacy projects. Therefore, building a platform is also one of the effective ways of non-genetic inheritance and development. Kong Yan takes Ningbo's unique and long-standing performance-related non-legacy projects as examples. For example, the dramas, Yao operas and other non-legacy projects, the government attaches great importance to building a platform, or it can cultivate inheritors on campus, or create quality repertoires. Or go out of the country to showcase the style, continue to innovate and develop, and revitalize and vitality. There are no special performance groups such as Ningbo Pinghua, Simingnan Ci, and Ningbo Singing News. Faced with the actual problems of the ageing of the inheritors, their living conditions are still worrying. Building a platform to cultivate the audience and enhancing their radiation surface should be effective for their inheritance and development. Initiative. The reporter learned that the “Non-legacy Classroom” launched by the Municipal Cultural Center last year was a good platform for non-genetic inheritance development. Learning the “Ningbo Cuisine”, “Gold and Silver Color Embroidery”, “Siming Internal Family Boxing” and other non-legacy projects After the launch, it was popular among the public, and the supply was in short supply. Among them, "Si Ming Inner Family Boxing" was even invited to the army to start classes. In response to the inheritance and development of Ningbo traditional art, the relevant departments of the city are planning to hold the first "Alaqu Arts Festival" this year, focusing on the protection of intangible cultural heritage, inheriting the work results, building a platform for the exchange and practice of Ningbo Quyi, and expanding the influence of art in the arts. To promote the conscious awareness of the people of our city on the protection of intangible cultural heritage. The leader of the City Arts and Crafts Industry Association, Qun Qunzhu, and the inheritor of gold and silver color embroidery, in the process of opening up the market in the gold and silver color embroidery in these years, Yan Qunzhu deeply felt that the non-genetic inheritance and development of the individual in the Ningbo arts and crafts industry was not smooth. She believes that in addition to relying on the government's support and protection of policies and laws, and building a display and display platform, non-genetic inheritors themselves need to integrate resources to form an overall synergy and promote the development of non-legacy industrialization. Yan Qunzhu told reporters that some inheritors can follow the traditional skills well, but because they are not good at communication and communication, the information is not smooth, and the survival and development of skills are hindered. "The development of non-legacy needs to face the market. If it continues to go it alone, it will be weak and unable to form an overall synergy. The Ningbo Arts and Crafts Industry Association is to integrate the Ningbo Arts and Crafts team and carry out targeted packaging and publicity in a targeted manner. Winning the broad attention of the society, and being more adaptable to the development of modern society, injecting fresh blood into its inheritance and development."