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Spring, Studying Ningbo Museum 2013-03-20


Spring blossoms have been another year. Recently, the Ningbo Museum has ushered in a small climax of students' spring tour. After investigation, planning and preparation, many schools lead students to study at the Ningbo Museum. The teacher from Haishu Foreign Language School, who came to visit, said that the exhibition exhibition of Ningbo Museum tells the history of Ningbo in 7000 years, which helps students to understand the history of Ningbo intuitively, let students walk out of the classroom, walk out of books, and truly feel the regional culture of Ningbo. It has inspired students to love their hometown. It is a very meaningful activity to choose Spring Tour in Ningbo Museum. Wang Weizhi, a second-year student of Haishu Foreign Languages ​​School who followed the teacher, said excitedly that she had been to the museum with her parents, but today she came to the teacher and classmates and found a different museum. He also introduced to the students the feeling of participating in the youth exploration activities at the Ningbo Museum. The Ningbo Museum adheres to the concept of “People's Museum” and also assumes the responsibility of “Second Classroom”. On the one hand, it carefully carries out the reception service for minors and carries out “Youth Exploration and Experience Activities”; on the other hand, organizes the implementation of mobility. The museum enters the school to provide a rich cultural feast for the general public and students. (Ningbo Museum)