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Vice Mayor Zhang Minghua investigates Baoguo Temple Ancient Architecture Museum 2013-03-20


On the afternoon of March 15, Zhang Minghua, deputy mayor of Ningbo Municipal Government, and Zhang Leming, deputy secretary-general, accompanied by Chen Jiaqiang, director of the Municipal Wenguang Press and Publication Bureau, came to Baoguosi Ancient Architecture Museum to investigate the function improvement of Baoguosi Ancient Architecture Museum. And preparations for the Millennium Memorial. Dai Yu, deputy head of Jiangbei District, Zhou Mingli, deputy director of the Municipal Tourism Bureau, and Meng Jianyao and Shu Yueming, deputy directors of the Municipal Press and Publication Bureau, accompanied the investigation. Deputy Mayor Zhang Minghua first and foremost explored the parking lot construction and village environmental remediation site in the front entrance area of ​​Baoguo Temple, and then inspected the construction and renovation of Baoguosi Ancient Building Museum. At the research forum, Zhang Minghua listened to the report of the Municipal Bureau of Cultural and Cultural Affairs, the Jiangbei District Government, the Municipal Tourism Administration on the overall plan of the Baoguo Temple Millennium Memorial, the rectification of the external area, and the creation of the 5A scenic spot. A lot of work done by all parties pointed out that the significance of the activities is very important and the planning plan is basically mature. Vice Mayor Zhang Minghua emphasized that the commemorative activities for the 1000th anniversary of the completion of the Baoguo Temple Hall should be strictly in accordance with the requirements of “grand, frugal and safe”, and do all the articles in various aspects of the series to effectively enhance the status of Baoguo Temple and even the city’s cultural heritage. And influence, rational and efficient organization and implementation. At the same time, we must deal with the coordinated work of the Baoguo Temple and the surrounding villages, and seek to achieve a win-win development in the area centered on Baoguo Temple. (Paulo Temple Ancient Architecture Museum)