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Yuyao Public Cultural Service Center - Efficiently running public welfare "cultural logistics" in urban and rural areas 2013-03-22


For more than ten years or even decades, the old uncles and old ladies who did not cross the mountain gates saw the literary and artistic programs that the professional actors performed in the city. After each performance, some villagers held the staff’s hand and said, “Welcome to all of you, we like your play.” The masses have hoped that the cultural distribution staff will not slack off and give up the holiday breaks. The road is far away and the mountain road is rugged. Overcoming the difficulties of motion sickness and heat stroke, the literary team is led to the village. According to statistics, since the beginning of last year, 60 performances of mountain villages have been carried out, benefiting about 100,000 mountain people. This is just a microcosm of Yuyao's establishment of a public cultural service center to form a good public welfare “cultural logistics” in urban and rural areas. The center was established on December 3, 2010, and it is aimed at the urban and rural coverage and multi-level cultural distribution, which is balanced and inclusive. From "seeing every central village to watching" to "every natural village has a play", from "I play you" Go to "You point me to play", change from "send culture" to "culture", and realize the goal of "the city has performances every day, and the villages have a play in the whole year." Over the past two years, the center has effectively promoted the performance market with the frequency of two daily performances, meeting the spiritual needs of the masses, cultivating the mass performing arts groups, organically integrating high-end art performances with grassroots cultural appeals, and benign interactions. Promote the integration and maximization of the social value of literary and artistic resources. Market Prosperity: Performing Arts Groups Such as Fish Water “The City Public Cultural Service Center was originally established to accelerate the establishment of a comprehensive, efficient and equal public cultural service system, integrate public cultural and operational cultural service resources, and build public cultural services. The digital platform, build a public cultural service distribution network, innovate the system and operation mode, enrich the activities carrier and service content, and promote the socialization and equalization of public cultural services.” The relevant person in charge of the Propaganda Department of Yuyao Municipal Party Committee said. In the past, provincial performing arts groups rarely performed at township-level theaters. During the Lantern Festival this year, the Zhejiang Yue Opera Troupe performed tours in towns and villages such as Tuen Mun and Lu Yi. Provincial-level troupes have performed so frequently at the township level. This was almost never seen before. Nowadays, the Yuyao Public Cultural Service Center has contacted and coordinated, and the performance of the big-name troupe in rural Yuyao has become a common situation. Through the channels of the Public Cultural Service Center, the high-end performing arts groups fully realize that Yuyao’s field is also a good performance market. “The city has set up a leading group for the construction of the city's public cultural service system. The municipal party committee and the municipal government are in charge of the leadership of the team, and coordinate and solve related problems in the preparation and operation of the center. The cultural department selects and manages the backbone of the business and is responsible for the office of the center. And the construction of facilities and equipment, the establishment of the Municipal Public Cultural Service Co., Ltd., said Xiong Peijun, director of the Yuyao Culture, Radio, Film and Television Press and Publication Bureau. Find groups for the group, find groups for the audience, and establish a “Sunshine Cultural Resource Library” for the Public Cultural Service Center, which plays a central role in “cultural logistics”. In this way, the performing arts groups in and outside the province are in a balanced supply and demand market in Yuyao. The Municipal Public Cultural Service Center undertakes tasks such as distribution of public cultural service organizations, planning of cultural and sports activities, and development and utilization of cultural and sports resources. Through the “Sunshine Culture Express Train”, cultural products such as drama, song and dance, and variety shows are distributed to towns (streets). Villages (communities), to create platforms such as “Sunshine Community Theatre” and “Village Culture Stage”, to distribute cultural performances, knowledge lectures, sports and fitness programs for urban and rural residents, which means that the demand for Yuyao’s performance market has increased greatly and market vitality Was greatly stimulated. The Municipal Public Cultural Service Center shall, in accordance with market rules and supply and demand, take the form of agreement entrustment and open tendering, clarify relevant qualifications, undertake tasks such as the distribution of cultural and sports resources and the planning and hosting of related activities. Moreover, the franchise system and service commitment charter are formulated, the business culture units are guided to join, and the cultural services are carried out on the basis of the public platform; the franchisees are supported and assisted in business training, policy support, market expansion and other aspects. At present, the center has signed performance agreement agreements with many high-end performance groups inside and outside the province. Because of the effective deployment of the Municipal Public Cultural Service Center, the service functions of the relevant departments have been actively coordinated, and the provincial-level troupes that were originally “high on the top” have been attracted, such as Shanghai Yue Theatre, Zhejiang Xiaobaihua Yue Opera Troupe, Zhejiang Yue Opera Troupe, Zhejiang Kunqu Opera Troupe, Zhejiang Song and Dance Theater, Shanghai Opera House, Zhejiang Quyi Acrobatic Troupe, Zhejiang Shao Opera Troupe, Ningbo Song and Dance Troupe, Ningbo Opera Troupe, etc., have come to the towns and villages of Yuyao to perform, and the market space has been effectively expanded. In this regard, in the opinion of many performing arts groups inside and outside the province, Yuyao urban and rural areas is a fertile ground for the performance market. Urban and rural Pratt & Whitney: Point to watch the play and enjoy the fun of the people, look at it, and order it, the show will be sent. Yang Yehao, secretary of the Shuige Zhou Village in Qimen Town, Yuyao City, said that now the villagers can not only watch the show for free, but also let the people order their own orders. This is a good policy for setting up a public cultural service center in the city. Sending a play to the countryside is one of the main functions of the center, but unlike the ordinary "cultural caravan", it is the case that the people go to the countryside to choose their own content. The center produced a program list, which was distributed to the cultural stations and administrative villages of towns and towns. The villagers finally determined the repertoires they wanted to see according to the menu, and fed back to the center. The center coordinated with the purchased performance units to finalize the time. “Whether it is a remote mountain village of Siming Mountain with an altitude of more than 700 meters, or a Hangzhou Bayside Natural Village that is more than 40 kilometers away from the urban area, the people of Yuyao have almost enjoyed such a cultural feast.” Wang Jianjun, member of the Party Committee of the Municipal Culture, Radio, Film and Television Press and Publication Bureau said, “ As long as the masses need it, the performance will not stop. The market will be expanded to link the performing arts resources inside and outside the province, and a 'cultural logistics' platform will be built to serve the people and benefit the people.” Currently, the city's public cultural services The center has 135 urban and rural performance points, covering 21 townships (streets) in the city. It has a comprehensive point and radiation, and the public has received enthusiastic response and received rave reviews. Every year in March and April, the Municipal Public Cultural Service Center will comprehensively arrange the performance requirements and plans for each township (street) according to the “Annual Public Cultural Performance Plan” of each township (street) and the “Public Cultural Performance Distribution Declaration Form”. Launch the city's performance distribution plan. Sending culture to the place where it is most needed is what the city's public cultural service center is eager to do. On the basis of basically building a network of public cultural positions covering urban and rural areas, Yuyao began to focus on building a higher level of public cultural service system, further coordinating cultural resources, vigorously implementing the “Sunshine Culture” Huimin Action Plan, and striving to create “1896”. (A set of music) Sunshine culture service brand. On April 15th, 2011, the first variety show of “Sunshine Culture Express Train” hosted by the Municipal Public Cultural Service Center opened in the low-tang street. It is rich in content and diverse in form, allowing the public to feel the warm and warm culture of the sun. Enriching spiritual and cultural life, the atmosphere is harmonious and warm. Since then, the "Sunshine Culture Express Train" has rushed to the Fengfang Street Yongfeng Village Cultural Square, Majing Town Jingyi Plastic Industry Hall... The schedule of the performance is full. By the end of February 2013, the center had performed more than 1,200 performances for urban and rural distribution. At the same time, the Municipal Public Cultural Service Center undertakes the agency business. At the beginning of the establishment, the Shanghai Opera Symphony Orchestra was invited to stage the "Yuyao New Year Concert" at the Longshan Theater in Yuyao; Zhejiang Zhao Xiuzhi Shao Opera Troupe was invited to host the "Huangjiayu Town Zhengyue Opera Party" at the Huangjiatun Town Cultural and Sports Center Theater; The Song and Dance Theatre planned a cultural performance for Fengshan Street; invited the Zhejiang Yue Opera Troupe to stage the classic repertoire "Pearl Tower" and "The Beauty of the Sky" at the Longshan Theater, bringing festive blessings to the public on the eve of National Day... until February 2013, The office has more than 500 business benefits. Because the effect is obvious, many towns and villages have followed suit and responded. The Municipal Public Cultural Service Center established the first sub-center in Huangjiatun Town, located in the Cultural and Sports Center of Huangjiatun Town. Li Jiemei, director of the center, said: "Since the establishment of the center, a series of theme activities such as 'Jiang Menglin Reading Festival', 'Lanfeng National Day Ten Days', 'Spring Festival Opera Week', 'Weekend Binary Theater', etc., the original township cultural station The work has been shared and supplemented, and the effect is very good. It is welcomed by the masses.” Group revitalization: Amateur team retired and retirees Lu Guihua likes to watch essays. When the public cultural service center’s distribution performance is near her home, she will go Look. Gradually, she had the idea of ​​eager to perform on stage. On one occasion, she expressed this meaning to the comrades of the Public Cultural Service Center. The comrades at the center readily agreed, but only to conduct an "art test" to see if it is in line with the performance. After the "exam" and training, with the help of the Public Cultural Service Center, an amateur became an amateur performer and realized the "stage dream." For more than two years, Lu Guihua has performed more than 50 essays following the Public Cultural Service Center. The public welfare “cultural logistics” platform built by Yuyao Public Cultural Service Center not only activates the performance market, but also satisfies the needs of the masses in literature and art appreciation. Moreover, it enhances the artistic aesthetic taste of the masses, enhances the people’s desire to participate in cultural activities, and changes the masses. The original phenomenon of one-way acceptance without two-way interaction. “Because distribution is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, the enthusiasm of the masses to participate in cultural activities is high. Today, the urban and rural people in Yuyao are no longer satisfied with being a spectator in the audience.” said the director of the Municipal Public Cultural Service Center. With the in-depth development of Yuyao's "culture of culture" work, they have sung their protagonists, and they have become "stars" and spontaneously set up various performance teams to be active in small squares and small stages in communities and villages. The cultural construction has taken off the hat of “small water”, “it is lively, and people are cold when they go”. The mass culture really takes root in urban and rural areas. In order to integrate the performance resources, and also to take into account the "species culture", the 23 opera teams in towns and villages were introduced on the portal website and actively built the performance platform, which was well received. At present, Yuyao has built 2 provincial-level “species culture” advanced villages, Ningbo city-level “species culture” strong towns, Ningbo city-level “species culture” advanced villages, and Ningbo city-level “species culture” experts 96 20 star-rated folk art teams, a total of more than 620 folk cultural and sports teams have been cultivated, almost everywhere in urban and rural areas. In order to make the amateur folk culture team like a fire, the Municipal Public Cultural Service Center actively supported and established the “Sunshine Friends Friendship Association” to help the amateur team grow and grow in communication and learning. In the frequent distribution of “cultural logistics”, many amateur teams have continuously improved their artistic level, gradually matured and specialized, and changed from amateur team to folk professional theater group. The Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Film and Television Press and Publication Bureau has also opened the door to administrative examination and approval. As long as it meets the requirements, it will promptly grant approval to establish a civil professional theater group with independent legal personality. Yuyao has 13 private professional theater groups, such as the city Feixiang Yue Opera Troupe, Hengma Yue Opera Troupe, Yangming Yao Troupe, Hemudu Baihua Yue Opera Troupe, Yu Cishao Theatre Company and so on. Peng Yaping, deputy general manager of Yuyao Public Cultural Service Center, said: "The center personnel dig deep into the performance power buried in the masses and sign performance agreements with eight registered private professional theater companies in the city to effectively carry out counseling and training to make grassroots The folk performance resources have been fully tapped.” Indeed, the Municipal Public Cultural Service Center organizes performing arts groups to perform, the masses enjoy cultural enjoyment, and the performance power derived from the masses, the public welfare “cultural logistics” thus forms a virtuous circle of cultural prosperity and development. (Yuyao Culture, Radio, Film and Television Press and Publication Bureau)