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Tianyi Lecture Weekend teaches online shopping tips 2013-03-23


On the afternoon of March 23, the Tianyi Lecture was started by a small survey on the spot. The guest speaker - Associate Professor Yu Yu from Zhejiang Textile and Apparel College first asked the audience to show their square in the form of applause. "People", "Getting Started", or is it a complete "online shopper"? The survey results show that among the more than 100 listeners, there are many experienced Taobao people, but one third of the audience has never had an online shopping experience. After learning about the composition of the audience, Associate Professor Yu Wei positioned the lecture as “Teach you to Taobao”. Her lectures included less theoretical analysis and more on-line presentations, especially the matters that need to be prepared during the initial online shopping. Let a lot of middle-aged and older listeners have more interest in online shopping. Is online payment safe? Is the physical object the same as the description? Is the delivery timely? Is it convenient to return? These questions exist in the hearts of many "zero online shopping" listeners. In the lecture, Associate Professor Yu Yu, in response to the questions and concerns of the listening friends, took Taobao as an example to explain the process and security of online shopping, and demonstrated Taobao account registration, item classification search, and “Taobao Want Want” and sellers. Communicate and use the "Alipay" to complete the transaction. First time online shopping, what to buy? Associate Professor Yu Wei suggested: "The first three transactions must not buy too expensive things. It is best to buy less than fifty yuan. Why? It is that you do everything and have a learning process." On the one hand, learning The process of online shopping, the other side is the experience of accumulating identification items. “The description of the seller is exaggerated or more realistic. This requires the accumulation of your experience. Before you are sure, it is recommended to choose some homes that are not very demanding in size and texture. Supplies, to avoid unnecessary losses." In addition, Associate Professor Yu Yu also reminded novices to pay attention to moderate consumption, "I suggest that you just start using Alipay, set a quota every month, if you on the 12th, you will spend this amount, The rest of the 18 days will not be bought." Controlling the amount of money to control consumption, you can avoid buying something useless because of price temptation. After the two-hour lecture, many listeners gathered around the podium and consulted Mr. Yu on the details of online shopping, such as how to identify the seller's fake transactions, and the communication skills to pay attention to when returning online. (Ningbo City Library) Speaker Profile: Yu Yu, Associate Professor of Zhejiang Textile and Apparel College, Master of Management, Zhejiang University of Technology. The main research direction: marketing and management of SMEs. Lecture courses: online entrepreneurship, marketing, marketing management, etc. Representative achievements: presided over a number of provincial and municipal projects, participated in the preparation of the Blue Book for Ningbo Development, and published "Corporate Crowd and Career Construction" in the National Core Academic Journals, "Taiwan as an Example of SME Credit Guarantee Mechanism", "Based on Life" There are many papers on the analysis of SME financing strategies in cycle theory. Lecture PPT Sharing: Yu Wei, "Practical Skills for Online Shopping"