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Zhao Yuping's "Tianyi Lecture Hall" talks about wisdom 2013-03-30


What kind of job hunting wisdom does Zhuge Liang use in the “Three Gu Mao”? Why does Zhuge Liang want to "scrub the tears?" How to analyze from the perspective of management? Why is it that "Pang Tong took office" is "dividing the horse"? Is the specific expression of Zhuge Liang’s martial arts and powers monopolized? Liu Bei is the most frequent "cadre" in the three countries, and Zhuge Liang "plays and disappears" at the crucial moment... As the keynote speaker of CCTV's "Hundreds of Lectures", Zhao Yuping, he talked about Zhuge Liang, and Yuan Kuocheng, Shan Tianfang, even Li Ru and Yi Zhongtian said different things. His "Spicy Three Kingdoms" and "Bringing Wisdom to Zhuge Liang" have caused overheating. The book of the same name is called by readers - no longer "stay on storytelling, there is little in-depth analysis of the law", but use management and Psychology's knowledge interprets people, analyzes events, combines Eastern wisdom with modern ideas, and the language is vivid and humorous. On March 30th, the “Tianyi Lecture Hall” of the Ningbo Library invited the teacher Zhao Yuping from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications to communicate with the readers of Yucheng City on “Zero Distance” to talk about how to borrow wisdom from Zhuge Liang. "Zhuge Liang's story is well known. If you simply tell the story, you will pick up the teeth!" Teacher Zhao Yuping said that his purpose is to innovate and pass on the knowledge of management and psychology to everyone through Zhuge Liang. Teacher Zhao Yuping said that analyzing the characters of the Three Kingdoms and analyzing Zhuge Liang can not only be limited to the perspective of literature, history and philosophy, but also stand at the height of the times and deeply interpret traditional culture based on modern scientific knowledge. He speaks Zhuge Liang, focuses on management, has historically true Zhuge Liang, and also has Zhuge Liang created by Luo Guanzhong, one representing "real body wisdom" and one representing "incarnation wisdom." "Zhu Geliang's job-seeking success lies in display and packaging. In the early stage, Xu Wei and others advertised. The Longzhong countermeasures during the interview also withstood the test." Zhao Yuping took Zhuge Liang as an example, and "Spicy" commented on the history of the history. He used simple, easy-to-understand language, close to the actual story, interpret characters, analyze events, and the audience listened to the applause. At the same time, Teacher Zhao Yuping also combined the specific cases of the characters of the Three Kingdoms to teach many audiences on the "strategy" and "wisdom" in dealing with interpersonal relationships. In the lecture, he suggested that young people should manage their own health--"If you are not afraid of doing it, you will not be able to wait. If you are not physically fit, you will have no chance to squat!" He explained the longevity of Sima Yi as an example. My own point of view, "Zhu Geliang died at the age of 54, Sima Yi 56 years old, two years older than Zhuge Liang. But Sima Yi pay attention to the body, insist on exercise, at the age of 72 also led the Guard to coup. In the three countries, Sima Yi is the entire cadre of Cao Wei regime The best among the team, so they took the power and made the grandson the world." Quotations: · Know how to keep the low-key, this is the character, it will use high-profile, this is wisdom. · Be a person, be indifferent, and be obsessed with doing things. · The more you break a thing, the more you cherish it. The longer a meal is waiting, the better it is. Zhao Yuping is a lecture inscription ■ Introduction to the speaker: Zhao Yuping, special guest speaker of "100 Lectures", Doctor of Management, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, professor, mainly engaged in leadership theory, human resources and the study of ancient Chinese management thoughts. In CCTV's "Hundreds of Lectures", he lectured on "Bringing wisdom to Zhuge Liang" and "Management with Sima Yi", which won the first place in the annual 100 lectures and opened up a new field of using management science and psychology to interpret traditional classics. Warm welcome. In 2009, he was named “Top Ten National Studies Lecturers” and “Top Ten Management Trainers” by the media. He published the monograph "Stronger than the Strong", "Liangshan Politics", "The Leader of Green Plum Brewing" and so on.