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Yuyao, Zhejiang: Public welfare “cultural logistics” connects urban and rural areas 2013-04-08


On March 16th, the Yuyao Public Cultural Service Center of Zhejiang Province organized performances to perform in Dayu Village, Dayu Town, Yuyao City, which is located in the depths of Siming Mountain, and was warmly welcomed by the masses. The cultural distribution staff gave up the holidays and rested, regardless of the long distance and rugged roads, and overcome the difficulties of motion sickness and heat stroke. They led the literary squad to transfer to the village and send a literary and artistic program to the villagers. The most words that the staff heard from the villagers were: "Welcome to more of you, we like your play." This is just a public cultural service center in Yuyao City, Zhejiang Province, and a good result in the formation of public welfare "cultural logistics" in urban and rural areas. miniature. Since its establishment in December 2010, the center has been focusing on urban and rural full coverage and multi-level cultural distribution, and has realized that every village in the center has a play to see every natural village, "I play you see" to "you point." I am acting, "sending culture" to "culture" and "the city has performances every day, the village has a play in the whole year". According to statistics, the performance of Jinshan Village since 2012 has effectively stimulated the performance market, and integrated high-end art performances with grassroots cultural appeals to promote the social value of cultural resources in the public welfare “cultural logistics”. The picture shows the performance of Yue Opera's "Eighteen Phases". “The purpose of the establishment of the Public Cultural Service Center is to accelerate the establishment of a comprehensive cultural system that covers comprehensive, efficient and equal access, integrates public cultural and operational cultural service resources, builds a digital platform for public cultural services, and builds a public cultural service distribution network. Innovate the system and operation mode, enrich the activities carrier and service content, and promote the socialization and equalization of public cultural services.” The relevant person in charge of the Propaganda Department of Yuyao Municipal Committee said in an interview with reporters that during the Lantern Festival this year, Zhejiang Yue Opera Troupe Yuyao Yumen, Luyi and other towns and villages touring, "provincial theaters to the township level so frequent performances, this is almost unprecedented phenomenon, and now through the Yuyao City Public Cultural Service Center contact, coordination, the big troupe in Yuyao’s rural performances are very common.” Xiong Peijun, director of the Yuyao Culture, Radio, Film and Television Press and Publication Bureau said that the group is looking for audiences and groups for the audience. The public cultural service center has established a “Sunshine Cultural Resource Library” and played a central role in “cultural logistics”. . Based on this, Zhejiang's inside and outside performing arts groups have balanced supply and demand in the Yuyao performance market. The Public Cultural Service Center of Yuyao City undertakes tasks such as distribution of public cultural service organizations, planning of cultural and sports activities, and development and utilization of cultural and sports resources. Through the “Sunshine Culture Express Train”, cultural products such as drama, song and dance, variety shows and other cultural products are distributed to towns (streets). Villages (communities), to create platforms such as “Sunshine Community Theatre” and “Village Culture Stage”, to distribute cultural performances, knowledge lectures, sports and fitness programs for urban and rural residents, Yuyao’s performance market demand has greatly increased, and market vitality has been fully stimulated. "The people love to watch 啥, they order, and the drama is sent." Yang Yehao, secretary of the Party branch of Shuige Zhou Village, Qimen Town, Yuyao City, said that now the villagers can not only watch the show for free, but also order their own, which benefits A public cultural service center established in Yuyao City. The relevant person in charge of the Yuyao Culture, Radio, Film and Television Press and Publication Bureau told the reporter that sending the drama to the countryside is one of the main functions of the public cultural service center. However, unlike the ordinary cultural caravan, it is sent to the countryside to choose the content by the people. The public cultural service center will distribute the program list to the cultural station and administrative village of the township, the street, and the villagers will determine the desired repertoire according to the menu, and the public cultural service center will coordinate the performance with the purchased performance unit. “Whether it is a remote mountain village of Siming Mountain with an altitude of more than 700 meters, or a Hangzhou Bayside Natural Village that is more than 40 kilometers away from the urban area, Yuyao people have almost enjoyed such a cultural feast.” Wang Jianjun, member of the Party Committee of Yuyao Culture, Radio, Film and Television Press and Publication Bureau said, “ As long as the masses need it, the performance will not stop. "At present, the Yuyao Public Cultural Service Center has 135 urban and rural performance points, covering 21 townships (streets) in the city, with a full range of points and radiation, and the public responded enthusiastically and received rave reviews. As of the end of February this year, the center has performed more than 1,200 performances for urban and rural distribution. The Yuyao Public Cultural Service Center established the first sub-center in the Cultural and Sports Center of Huangjiatun Town. Li Jiemei, director of the sub-center, said: "Since the establishment of the sub-center, a series of theme activities such as 'Jiang Menglin Reading Festival', 'Lanfeng National Day Ten Days', 'Spring Festival Drama Week' 'Weekend Binary Theater' have been held, which have been well received by the masses. Retired workers Lu Guihua likes to watch essays. Whenever the public cultural service center distributes performances to her home, she will go to see and gradually have the idea of ​​performing on stage. After passing the examination and training, Lu Guihua realized his "stage dream". For more than two years, she has performed more than 50 essays with the Public Cultural Service Center. The public welfare “cultural logistics” platform built by Yuyao Public Cultural Service Center not only activates the performance market, but also satisfies the needs of the masses' art appreciation, and enhances the artistic aesthetic taste of the masses and mobilizes the enthusiasm of the masses to participate in cultural activities. “Because the distribution performance is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, the urban and rural people in Yuyao are no longer satisfied with being a spectator in the audience.” Yuyao, deputy director of the Public Cultural Service Center of Yuyao City, said that with the in-depth development of Yuyao’s “culture of culture” work, The masses spontaneously set up various performance teams, active in small squares and small stages in the community and villages. Cultural construction is no longer "small water". "If you come, it will be lively, people will go to tea and cool." The mass culture really takes root in urban and rural areas. At present, Yuyao has built 2 provincial-level “species culture” advanced villages, 2 city-level “species culture” strong towns, and municipal-level “species culture” advanced villages, and emerged at the municipal level “culture culture” masters 96 20 star-rated folk art teams, and cultivated more than 600 folk cultural and sports teams. In addition, the Yuyao Public Cultural Service Center has established the Friends of the Sunshine Culture Association to help the folk amateur stylistic team grow and develop in exchanges and learning. Peng Yaping, deputy general manager of Yuyao Public Cultural Service Center, said that the center staff deeply digs the performance power buried in the masses and signed performance agreements with eight registered private professional theater companies in the city to effectively carry out counseling and training so that folk performance resources can be obtained. Fully tapped, Yuyao's public welfare “cultural logistics” has formed a virtuous circle to promote cultural prosperity and development.