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Ningbo's first "car cinema" debut in Zhangzhou 2013-04-08


On April 8, Ningbo’s first “car cinema” debuted in Zhangzhou. Tianyi Automobile Cinema, invested and constructed by Ningbo Langyi Investment Management Co., Ltd., is located at the junction of Ningheng Road and Kangqiang Road in Yinzhou District. It is opposite the Panhuoqiao Community and covers an area of ​​more than 8,000 square meters. It can accommodate 150 cars and install 2 sets. The 2.0KGDC digital projector and the starry ticketing system can achieve visual effects comparable to those of the cinema through special technology processing. At the same time, the film source is all provided by China Film Group Digital Cinema Co., Ltd., ensuring the simultaneous release of the latest domestic and international films. Visitors can enjoy the latest videos in their private cars simply by paying a parking fee. As a new style of fashion film popular in Europe and the United States, the car cinema is based on the theme of car culture, combining film and car organically to meet the individual consumption needs of urban modern people. The audience sat in their own car to watch movies, their behaviors and behaviors were not affected by others, and they did not affect others. They enjoyed their own private space and experienced different viewing experiences from indoor cinemas. (Yinzhou District Cultural Broadcasting Press and Publication Bureau) viewing the car was like someone fresh local sigh Source: Southeast Business Daily Date: 2013-4-9 Author: Li Zhen / text quoted Cui / photo read "Beijing love story" of the people It must be deeply impressed by the car cinema. Wu Di, the protagonist of the drama, often travels with his girlfriend. The romantic love story begins, and the car cinema is also concerned by the young people. Yesterday, Ningbo’s first car cinema, Tianyi Automobile Cinema, unveiled its mystery. The reporter went to see the truth. At 7 o'clock in the evening, the car cinema had a trial operation ceremony. Through a small road about 500 meters long, the reporters arrived at the scene on time. At this time, the staff who directed the traffic informed that there was no place. "At 4 o'clock in the afternoon, someone came to occupy the position. At less than 6 o'clock, the parking space is full. It can accommodate 150 locations. It is estimated that there are already 200 cars." Cinema director Xi Yan told reporters. The cinema is located in a demolition site in Panhuo Street, Yinzhou District. A large open space is surrounded by cement walls, and rows of cars are parked on mudstone. The reporter walked around and found that many cars were in a small group, and there were also young couples dating here. Looking at such a popular popularity, Xiuyan was very happy. He told reporters that in the first three days of the trial operation, viewers can watch the movie for free, and then charge 150 yuan per car. "The car cinema has its own attraction, such as the price. According to the vehicle charge, a car is 150 yuan (more than 7 seats plus 50 yuan), there are several people who can sit. Moreover, the audience is not restrained inside, you can call cigarettes and have your own private space." Yan said: The theater can guarantee the simultaneous release of the film and other studios, and will continue to develop snacks, catering and other ancillary services. In the interview, some viewers agreed with Yan Yan's point of view, but some viewers questioned: "I think the car cinema is very limited, such as the weather, if it is very hot and cold, we will not come, with air conditioning. Watching movies, this is more oily. Also, if it rains, is it still going to wipe the wiper, the effect is definitely not good.” At 8 pm, the much anticipated movie was shown on time, and the plan was to show that night. "Poison War" and "Zhong Lie Yang Jia Jiang" two films. The site is divided into two blocks, A and B, with a large screen of 16m×8.3m specifications hanging in front. Before the screening, the audience was told that they could adjust the radio FM87.7, listen to the sound of the movie through the radio, and simultaneously watch the pictures on the big screen. However, when the situation appeared, the audience could not find the sound, and some people anxiously picked up the car horn. After a few more minutes, the film screening was interrupted, and the staff told reporters that the projectors invited from Guangzhou were debugging. As the film footage was intermittent, there were vehicles leaving after half an hour. The reporter interviewed several audience members. "In my imagination, the car cinema should be more fashionable and trendy, but after seeing it today, I feel different from what I thought." Miss Wu, the audience, said bluntly, "It’s too local, the place is not easy to find, even the car is parked. The line is also painted with white lime. The announcement on the same day is also written in blue on the whiteboard. I seem to think that it was in the video hall of the 1990s." At about 9 o'clock, the film was finally screened on time. 80 cars, so they were concentrated in the A area. "Today we are here to step on the point. The conclusion is that there are many people blocking the road, but I think it is still very fun. The movie experience is completely different from the cinema. It is very fresh." Mr. Huang said.