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Create a stage for the people, a show for the civilians 2013-04-11


From now on, it will be hosted by the Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television and Press, and the “Cultural Platform” competition for the second season of the “Natural Stage” and the “I Want to the Stage” mass cultural activities planned by the Ningbo Cultural Center will be launched. In 2013, the “Natural Stage” second season “Cultural Rush” competition consisted of two activities: “Dancing the City” Pop Dance Competition and “Best Partner” Singer Competition. Among them, the "Dancing the City" popular dance competition aims to discover popular dance rookies and improve the level of popular dance performances in Yucheng. "New and old Ningbo people" can participate, regardless of age. After the registration, the sea election, promotion and finals will be held in Zhongshan Square. The first, second and third prizes will be judged by the senior judges. The first prize will be 5,000 yuan. The "Best Partner" singer contest aims to enrich and improve the performance level of the amateur singers of the city through the draft, and enrich the cultural life of the people. The age of the contestants is limited between 14 and 60 years old. The sea election was held at the Ningbo Cultural Center, and the follow-up competition was held at Zhongshan Square. Judging by the professional judges on the spot, the champion, the Asian and the second runner-up, the championship prize of 6,000 yuan. In order to hold the competition, the organizer also designed a "boxing stage" with a bright four-sided multimedia screen in Zhongshan Square. The awarding ceremony of the above two competitions was held at the "natural stage" year-end ceremony at the end of the year. "Natural Stage" and "I want to go to the stage" provide a grassland civilians with a dream stage to showcase their talents. Without advancement and elimination, they only need confidence and courage to complete their dreams. The art forms of performing performances include music, dance, language and acrobatics, imitation shows, stunts and so on. Each performance is accepted by three audiences on the spot, and the performance can be performed on stage. For details of the event, please visit the website of Ningbo Cultural Center (http://www.nbwhg.com/) and check the activity briefs. 2013 Ningbo “Natural Stage·Best Partner” Singer Competition Activity Guide 2013 Ningbo “Natural Stage·Dancing Whole City” Popular Dance Competition Activity Guide 2013 Ningbo “Natural Stage·I Want to Stage” Activity Guide