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Chinese national customs "Hyun" to Sri Lanka 2013-04-12


Recently, as the first Ningbo folk song and dance troupe to go abroad, the Ningbo Oriental Folk Song and Dance Troupe, at the invitation of the Sri Lankan Chamber of Commerce and Industry, successfully "stunned" the songs and dances full of rich Chinese national customs to the "China Day" in Sri Lanka. It is reported that this year's "China Day" in Sri Lanka was held on April 5th with the theme of "Caring for Love". The Sri Lankan government paid special attention to this event and grandly hosted guests from Ningbo, China in the form of national anthems. "At the event site, the King of Colombo Hotel, all the welcoming guests specially put on cheongsam, not only hangs red lanterns, Chinese knots, red couplets, even each coaster, cushion is a Chinese paper-cut pattern, but also for us We prepared chopsticks and sent a famous national host, female singer and the best dance team composed of more than 20 people in the country to cooperate with us. Their love and expectation for Chinese culture made us very moved. Zhang Yuhong told reporters. It is reported that the Ningbo Oriental Folk Song and Dance Troupe sent 11 well-prepared Chinese folks with the Chinese Han and Tang dynasty, the Mongolian-style top bowl, the Tibetan dance, the Jiangnan dance, the dragon drum, the face, and the guzheng. The program of the customs, in which "the six-faced dragon drums brought to the drums, each drum is about 90 cm in diameter, about 60 cm high, and weighs about 30 kilograms. Come and go for two people to lift." Zhang Yuhong said, "The audience not only has People from all walks of life in Sri Lanka, as well as counsellors from the United States, Japan, Singapore and other countries in Sri Lanka. The performance was warmly received by the audience. The performance was during the Sri Lankan New Year, and the song and dance troupe also sent a congratulatory message to Sri Lanka. In order to express gratitude, the Sri Lankan government specially prepared a silver elephant crafts gift symbolizing good luck for the song and dance troupe, and gave each member a colorful national costume. The successful performance in Sri Lanka has caused the actor of the Oriental National Song and Dance Troupe to be deeply infected and encouraged. Zhang Yuhong said: "This is a rare opportunity for the folk song and dance troupe. Because this is not the same as the commercial performance, this is not only a time. The performance is a cultural exchange between the two countries. We represent Chinese culture and showcase the Chinese national customs. We hope to have more opportunities to promote national culture and showcase national customs in more countries." The Oriental Folk Song and Dance Troupe took photos with local actors in Sri Lanka.