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Haishu District Cultural Happiness Project begins with "I have a date with Spring" 2013-04-12


Spring blossoms, fitness is at the time, and then the "home" people can not resist the temptation of outdoor bright sunshine. On April 12th, the community site team exhibition “I have a date with Spring” hosted by Ximen Street Cultural Station in Haishu District was held in Haitang Park. There were eight teams from seven communities participating in the show. The show was dominated by dynamic square dances, as well as Tai Chi Kung Fu fan performances that absorbed the essence of Chinese traditional martial arts. So many wonderful programs caught the attention of the audience. With the familiar music such as "I can't afford to hurt" and "Into the New Era", a wonderful program took turns. In the event, there are 60-70-year-old retired people and 40-year-old in-service literary hobbies. They are passionate and actively participate in the performance. It is understood that this performance is one of the cultural happiness projects implemented in Haishu District this year. The activities run throughout the year, and each quarter has a distinct theme. "I have a date with Spring" is just an opening. In recent years, Haishu District has adhered to the "one team, one brand, one community and one characteristic" to cultivate cultural teams, highlight team personality, and form many good programs that are well-known. The platform of "Happy Haishu" is a "civilian" stage built for the common people. Through various cultural and sports activities that are healthy and close to the people, it attracts more and more people to participate interactively. (Haicang District Culture, Radio, Film and Television Press and Publication Bureau)