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Embroidery needle is hard to beat male 2013-04-15


The Ningbo Cultural Center was particularly lively on Saturday. Nearly 40 artisans of different ages gathered in the non-legacy hall, followed by the national non-genetic inheritor Mr. Xu Jinlun and the senior embroidered Mr. Zhang Shijun of Ningbo Jinyin Colour Embroidery Co., Ltd. A fascinating charm of Ningbo gold and silver color embroidery. Gold and silver color embroidery is a national legacy project of Ningbo. As the training content of this "non-legacy class", it has been sought after by many art lovers. In order to show the charm of Ningbo Jinyin Caixiu and let more people in Ningbo understand and experience the exquisite craftsmanship, Ningbo Cultural Center and Ningbo Non-legacy Protection Center jointly launched this public welfare training. The City Cultural Center also specially made 20 traditional vertical embroidered stretches, bringing everyone to come back to the "Embroidery" crossing journey. At 9:30 in the morning, nearly 40 gold and silver color embroidery students from the city gathered together to listen to the lectures on the history of gold and silver embroidery and the appreciation of works by Xu Jinlun, a national non-genetic inheritor. Everyone was amazed at the pieces of embroidery that Mr. Xu brought, and they took out their mobile phones and kept sighing. Then, under the guidance of the senior embroiderer Zhang Shijun of Ningbo Jinyin Caixiu Co., Ltd., everyone began to try to draw samples and pin-up wiring on the embroidered cloth, which was very busy. Many of the students were exposed to traditional embroidery for the first time, and it was not easy to be amazed at the same time. The simplest oblique needle embroidery is hard to break everyone, the small embroidery needle is not listening, and the two hands are not knowing how to play with it. Xiao Yan, 30, is one of only two male students on the scene. As a collector, he is very fond of embroidery. Looking at the twisted stitches on his embroidered cloth, he even said: "It's too difficult, it's too difficult, I still collect it." The 26-year-old Xiao Wei drove from Yuyao early in the morning and worked at the tea culture club. She is fond of traditional Chinese culture. She is full of expectations and said: "If you can start in Yuyao, there will be many people who like it." Bao Ayi and his wife are the oldest students. The two old people were enthusiastic and said that they had to learn to teach their grandchildren and pass on this craft. The day's course is coming to an end. Under the guidance of the teacher, the students gradually embroidered their feelings and embroidered their interests. They all said that they should go home to practice and strive to learn more about embroidery techniques with their teachers. It is reported that the non-legacy class “Gold and Silver Color Embroidery” public welfare training will have a one-day course on the 20th of this month. For those who wish to continue their studies, the City Cultural Center will also launch projects such as improvement classes. Interested citizens and friends can pay attention to the Ningbo Cultural Center website and @宁波市非遗保护中心 (Sina Weibo) to check the latest training and event information. (Ningbo City Cultural Center)