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Ningbo Radio, Film and Television Society held the fourth member congress 2013-04-17


On April 16, the 4th member representative conference of Ningbo Radio, Film and Television Society was held in Lianyi Hotel. Zhang Xiaodong, vice president and vice president of the Municipal Radio and Television Group, made a work report on behalf of the third council, revised the "Articles of Association", elected the new leader of the society, the list of councils and executive directors, and the city's cultural broadcasting news. Chen Jiaqiang, director of the Publishing Bureau, was elected president of the new society. 101 members from the Propaganda Department of the Municipal Party Committee, the Municipal Wenguang Bureau, the Ningbo Broadcasting and Television Group, the City Record Association, the Wenguang Bureau of the counties (cities), radio and television stations, film companies, cinemas, and social film and television production organizations attended the meeting. Chen Jiaqiang put forward new requirements for the work of the new session of the Institute. To learn the work, we must grasp the orientation, adhere to the correct purpose and political direction, and adhere to the direction of advanced culture. We must play a good role in academic research, business training and cooperation. We have played a good role in liaison, organization and coordination in communication, quality and excellence; we must provide good services, enhance service functions in business seminars, program excellence, exchange and cooperation, personnel training, information communication, etc., and broaden the service field. Grassroots services serve the members; we must do a good job of self-construction, adhere to the "lawful meeting, democratic office, and open-door meeting", open up new space for learning work with creative thinking, and continuously strengthen the organization and construction. Vice Minister Ma Chunxi of the Propaganda Department of the Municipal Party Committee attended the meeting and congratulated the 4th member representative conference of the Society. He also put forward four hopes for doing a good job in the future: First, we must firmly grasp the purpose of the meeting and always adhere to the correct guiding ideology. And the political direction; the second is to focus on the center, always serve the overall situation of serving radio, film and television, and serve the vast number of radio and film workers; the third is to always pay attention to and study major practical issues, and promote the sustainable development of the city's radio and film industry; We must constantly improve the way we learn to work and promote the healthy and stable development of the society. Since then, Ningbo Radio and Television Society has changed its name to Ningbo Radio, Film and Television Society, and has expanded its functions and business scope such as investigation and research, academic discussion, intermediary communication, industry self-discipline, maintenance of rights and interests, personnel training, and award-winning excellence to the film field. Further expand the business platform of the Institute. (Ningbo Municipal Radio, Film and Television Press and Publication Bureau, Radio, Film and Television Division)