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"World Book Day" is coming soon Cultural volunteers send books to "New Ningbo people" 2013-04-18


Yesterday morning, on the eve of the “4·18 International Heritage Site Day” and “4·23 World Book Day” established by UNESCO, the cultural volunteers of our city were in the ancient temple of Baoguo Temple, near the Lingfeng School in Jiangbei District. 2000 teachers and students sent classic books and lectures on ancient architecture. Yesterday’s “Cultural History and Big Classroom”, “Without the Blue Sky, Happy Reading, Masterpieces, Classic Book Donation and Reading and Drifting Activities” was established in April 2007 by the cultural volunteers and Lingfeng School of our city. One of the many service activities since the beginning, it also marks the beginning of the cultural activities of the cultural volunteers in this year, “achieve cultural dreams, build beautiful homes”. In the past 6 years, the city's cultural volunteers have lectured, rehearsed the opera music program, invited them to visit the Ningbo Museum, and donated a digital film projector to the school. The city library also donated to the students of the migrant school. The “Hope Book House” was established in the school, and the Baoguo Temple Ancient Architecture Museum also organized an exhibition exclusively at Lingfeng School. Source: Ningbo Cultural Network Date: 2013-4-18 Author: Yan Jianping April 17, "World Book Day" volunteer service activities in Ningbo City Bureau of the Communist Youth League organized by the library, the kinds of books donated 500 school Jiangbei Lingfeng book. Jiangbei Lingfeng School is a nine-year-old school for migrant workers, with nearly 2,000 teachers and students. Because the school is far away from the city library, borrowing books is inconvenient, and the economic conditions of the children of migrant workers are limited, and it is difficult to buy books. Last year, the Ningbo Library was the book dream of the children of the migrant workers. In the school, the “Hope Book House” was established, and 1,000 books were given at one time, which was very popular among them. In order to let the children of migrant workers read more books, the Ningbo Library has carefully selected a batch of famous books to send to the school. When I saw a book, Liu Zhenteng’s principals mixed feelings: “The Ningbo Library sent books to the migrant children’s school, so that we can fully feel the same cultural treatment in the same city. We must educate the children to study hard.” (Ningbo Library)