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"Fu Jiashan - Excavation Report of Neolithic Sites" was published 2013-04-18


Recently, the "Fu Jiashan - Neolithic Age Site Excavation Report" edited by the Ningbo Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology was officially published by the National Publishing House Science Press. This is the first major archaeological report in the history of the city. The Fujiashan site is located in Cicheng Town, Jiangbei District. In 2004, in order to cooperate with the construction of the south bank connecting line of Hangzhou Bay Bridge, the rescue and excavation were carried out, and important relics such as dry-column wooden structures and ash pits were discovered. More than 500 pieces of intact or recoverable objects were unearthed. The chronological carbon 14 was measured as 7260±68 years ago, and it belongs to the early remains of Hemudu culture. The excavation report of the Fujiashan site is one of the "Ningbo Cultural Relics and Archaeology Research Series". The book is about 270,000 words and more than 800 pictures. It is divided into preface and general situation, stratum accumulation and genesis, cultural remains, animal and plant remains and paleoenvironment, and five conclusions. The chapters, pictures and texts introduce the excavation and archaeological achievements of the Fujiashan site, and provide a number of precious physical materials for the Hemudu culture and the regional culture of the Ningbo Plain. (Ningbo Institute of Cultural Relics and Archaeology)