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Ningbo started the investigation of the living conditions of private theater groups 2013-04-23


"A-Red Sister, Red Sister, come one more..." Last night, like a ancestral hall in Zhou Zhou, Shanxi, the shouts of fans almost smashed the roof. Asian Red Sister returned to the scene again, hands back to make a small gift, and there was a commotion in the audience... Xiangshan Asian Red Sister Yue Opera Troupe, famous far and wide, in the performance of more than ten years of performance, this scene often appears. In the case of many state-owned theater companies suffering from the predicament of survival, why can the private theater group be so prosperous in the township market? Recently, Ningbo officially launched the “Ningbo Private Theatre Company Survival Status Survey”, which is the pulse for more than 90 private theater groups in the city. The reputation of the "Asian Red Sisters" who sang Yue Opera is as much as the TWINS and SHE in the eyes of the young chasing stars in the eyes of the fans in Xiangshan and Cixi. There are two pillars in the regiment, and sister Yahong specializes in niche, and sister Shaoya is the clown. Yahong is 44 years old. She sang from elementary school. 16 years ago, she formed the Xiangshan Asian Red Sister Yue Opera Troupe and took up the leader. The acting is very talented, and the troupe has a set. After years of tempering, the troupe is getting bigger and bigger. Today, there are 42 people in the group including actors, musicians and other staff. When everyone complains that the drama is cold, and many state-owned colleges feel that it is difficult to survive, this grassroots private theater company is very popular, and there are many endless dramas. The performance of the Asian Red Yue Opera Troupe is basically in the rural areas of Cixi and Xiangshan. There are a lot of fans in the drama, and there are a lot of bosses and entrepreneurs who are willing to pay for the folks in the village. From March to October each year, this is the off-season of the folk opera group, but now the April performance of the Asian Red Opera Troupe has been booked. In the past few days, the troupe should be invited by an entrepreneur to perform for three days in Xiangshan West. The charge is 36,000 yuan. At the end of the performance last night, the troupe rushed to Cixi and continued to perform next. The reporter asked Yahong how much he could earn in a year. Yahong sister smiled and said: "I can support myself. It is important to let those fans who come to the show look happy." However, Yahong revealed that the performance of the troupe last year was almost full. , played nearly 600 games. According to the market's initial estimate, the income of the reporter is at least one million yuan. When the "Asian Red Sisters" performed in the Western Zhou Dynasty, among the crazy fans in the audience, there were two young people from the city. They are from the Municipal Culture and Art Research Institute and are members of the research group on the survival status of the Ningbo Private Theatre Company. One of them is called You Yanling. You Yanling said that starting from Sunday, they went to the countryside to start another round of research work in Xiangshan and Cixi. The two reporters were shocked by the scenes in front of them. "The performance is in a mobile place, but I saw that no audience is going ahead. I really didn't expect that a folk troupe had such a deep mass base in the township," said Yan Yanling. You Yanling carefully observed that the repertoire of the Asian Red Sisters Yue Opera Troupe did not have a very profound drama, and it was an easy-to-understand road show. The roadside drama is a jargon, meaning that there is no repertoire of a formal long script. The lines and arias are all created by their own creations, and the masters pass on their words. During the official performance, the actors improvise according to the outline. You Yanling and his colleagues analyzed that the road show does not require big stage production, and the improvisational freedom is also easier to interact with the audience. It is especially suitable for performances in towns and villages. "We can't afford to make big productions, but we must try to grasp the hearts of the audience so that we can survive better." The head of the team confirmed this. Yahong told reporters that every rehearsal of each drama in the group has to do a lot of research. Years of experience, she has developed a good market intuition. "People still love to watch the lively, especially martial arts, comedy, etc., so we have added a lot of such elements in the Yue opera, and interspersed with local language in Yue opera, becoming more humorous." "Asian Red Sisters Theatre Red fire, I believe it is not a case." An industry insider commented. Guo Guoqiang, dean of the Municipal Academy of Culture and Art, told reporters yesterday that the private theaters in Ningbo have blossomed in recent years. There are more than 90 private theaters registered with business licenses, which have become an important supplement to mainstream culture. Most of these troupes are active in rural areas and villages. Most of them are drama-like troupes such as pipa and Yue opera. There are only a few song and dance and acrobatic troupes. These folk troupes have their own characteristics, some have done well in the market, and the performances have been continuous throughout the year. Some talents, such as the Ninghai-private theater group, have restored the Ninghai-level local opera drama Ning Haiping, which has disappeared for more than ten years. However, the development and living conditions of the private theater companies, the works and the market reaction, what difficulties and problems they have encountered, these have no detailed information, and some people need to investigate and summarize. To this end, the Municipal Institute of Culture and Art recently launched a special investigation on the living conditions of Ningbo Private Theater. According to the preliminary plan, the research will last for one year, and then a research report will be submitted to the relevant cultural authorities to provide reference for the government to formulate cultural policies and support policies. Industry insiders said that they hope to see those failed cases in the research report and provide reference for other performing arts organizations. Nowadays, state-owned theater companies are generally experiencing difficulties in survival. Many private theater companies have become prosperous in the township market. What do they rely on?