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The top ten copyright events in Ningbo in 2012 were released 2013-04-24


In 2012, the top ten copyright events in Ningbo were recently launched. The top ten events selected for the first time were: 1. Four works won the national “Five One Project” award. These four works are the TV series "To the East is the Sea", the musical "Tell the Sea", the literary book "Flower of the Doctrine", and the cartoon "Youth Avanti". 2. Ningbo hosted the 2012 China Youth's favorite micro-film competition, with more than 1,000 outstanding works competing, two micro-movies in Ningbo, “Youth Heading” and “Graduation Year”, respectively won the “Excellent Finalist Award” and “Jinfan Inspirational Award”. ". 3. The software legalization work of Ningbo City passed the provincial inspection and acceptance. 4. A new breakthrough was made in the number of copyright registrations in Ningbo. In 2012, the number of copyright registrations in Ningbo exceeded 1,000 for the first time. 5. The anti-piracy version of the Belleto show was a big win. In April 2012, during the 24th Guangzhou International Toys and Models Exhibition, Beletuo Crafts (Ningbo) Co., Ltd. discovered that a toy company used its game ideas and games for Apple games without permission. Cover pattern. Belleto immediately reflected to the organizer of the exhibition and submitted its copyright registration certificate. After that, the organizer of the exhibition ordered the exhibiting company to immediately stop the exhibition of its infringing products. 6. The city successfully cracked the "6·12" network copyright infringement case. On June 12, 2012, the Ningbo Municipal Cultural Market Administrative Law Enforcement Corps filed a case against Li Mou’s allegedly selling illegal publications through the Internet. The number of infringing electronic publications on DVDs was nearly 2,000, and the sales scope covered 28 provinces (the city). 100 cities in the autonomous region. 7. Ningbo City held a 2012 centralized destruction of infringing pirated products and illegal publications. A total of 88,728 illegal publications were destroyed, including 79,995 illegal audio-visual products, 2,240 illegal electronic publications, and 6,893 illegal newspapers and periodicals. 8. The Audiovisual Copyright Collective Management Association (Sounds Association) authorized unauthorized infringement. Without the express authorization of the copyright owner, the China Audiovisual Copyright Collective Management Association (Sounds Association) signed a contract with others to allow others to use the relevant music TV works in a package and was sued to the court. On April 26, 2012, the Ningbo Intermediate People's Court ruled that the sound collection association stopped the infringement and compensated for the loss of 25,000 yuan. 9. “The case of providing other people with music works through the information network without permission” was selected into a major case of the Ministry of Culture. On July 5, 2012, according to the complaints filed by the International Recording Industry Association's Asian Regional Headquarters, the Ningbo Municipal Cultural Market Administrative Law Enforcement Corps seized the “I Love Music Network” infringement lawsuit. The website did not obtain the "Information Network Broadcasting Audiovisual Program License", and provided a total of 31,713 music works of others to the public without authorization. Users can also download the ringtones as mobile phones after payment. The case has now been transferred to the judiciary. 10. The special governance actions of infringement and piracy in the network culture market in Ningbo have achieved remarkable results. The Ningbo Municipal Cultural Market Administrative Law Enforcement Corps and the Ningbo Public Security Bureau Public Security Detachment were respectively awarded the first prize of the 2012 national investigation and punishment of infringement and piracy active collectives by the National Copyright Administration. Liu stressed that the source of intellectual property rights in the research work: Ningbo Daily Date: 2013-04-24 Author: Zhou Ji, this year April 26 is the 13th World Intellectual Property Day. Yesterday afternoon, Liu Qi, member of the Standing Committee of the Provincial Party Committee, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee and Mayor of the Municipal Party Committee, stressed that the intellectual property work was doing well when investigating intellectual property work, especially the intellectual property protection was not effective, representing a regional development environment, reflecting a The quality of the city's civilization reflects the management level of the local government. All departments at all levels should further enhance their understanding, implement measures, and form a joint force to build Ningbo into a city where intellectual property rights can be effectively protected, and fully activate the innovation driving force for economic and social development. Liu Qihe, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee, Secretary of the Municipal Party Committee Wang Jianbo, Vice Mayor Chen Zhongchao and Secretary of the Municipal Government Wang Jianshe came to the Ningbo National High-tech Zone and went to the production workshop of Bangda Industrial Company to learn more about the product functions and watch the company's self-developed parking. The library runs demonstrations and also helps to coordinate and resolve business difficulties on the spot. I heard that the company has recruited talents and made innovations. It has applied for more than 200 international and domestic patents and has authorized more than 100 projects. Liu Qi encourages enterprises to increase the transformation of results, actively explore the market and accelerate the pace of development. At the China (Ningbo) Intellectual Property Rights Assistance Center, Liu Qi carefully inquired about the handling of complaints and complaints, understood the operation of the IP service platform, and cordially consoled the staff. Liu Qi also inspected the Austrian patent agency company and hoped that the company would make more contributions to Ningbo's patent application work. Liu Qi listened to the report on the work of intellectual property in the city, and fully affirmed the achievements of the city in the field of intellectual property in recent years. He pointed out that to build a modern international port city, Ningbo is inseparable from the strong support of innovation, including the protection and utilization of intellectual property. We must be soberly aware that there is still a gap in our intellectual property work compared with advanced cities and development requirements. All departments at all levels should further raise awareness of the importance of intellectual property rights, strengthen and improve coordination mechanisms, and form a joint effort. It is necessary to further promote the incremental patent upgrading service project for invention patents, provide source of power for development, and enhance the city's core competitiveness. It is necessary to further promote the industrialization of intellectual property rights, improve the public service system for intellectual property rights, promote new technologies, manufacture new products, and continuously meet new demands. It is necessary to further strengthen the protection of intellectual property rights, resolutely investigate and deal with various infringements, stimulate the enthusiasm of independent innovation, and create a good atmosphere and environment.