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Ningbo Cultural Center held a speech contest “Strive to be a good cultural person” 2013-04-24


At 3 o'clock on the afternoon of April 23, a speech contest called "Strive to be a good cultural person" was kicked off in the multi-function hall of the Ningbo Cultural Center. This competition was the first show of the series of activities of the “Three Thinks and Three Innovations” in Ningbo Cultural Center in 2013. Under the overall planning and organization of the Ningbo Cultural Center Trade Union, 13 young employees from the entire library were attracted to participate in the competition. In addition to the eight professional accreditations selected by the ministries, the jury also invited Chen Yishan and Zhou Jun, leaders of Ningbo Wenwei Trade Union, and Zhang Wugang, researcher of the Literature and Art Bureau of Ningbo Culture, Radio, Film and Television Press and Publication Bureau, and deputy director of the Bureau of Personnel Yan Yingchun took the assessment work together. In this speech contest, we will fully implement the spirit of the 18th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, adhere to the scientific concept of development, and motivate the enthusiasm of the staff of the Cultural Center. We will focus on cultivating a mass culture team with strong business, good work style and excellent quality. For the purpose of the positive spirit of the new generation of outstanding cultural people, the theme of the speech of “being a good cultural person” is closely related to the theme of “three thoughts and three creations to create excellence”. Since the date of the issuance of the competition notice, the staff of the whole hall has had a strong response, especially young workers under the age of 35 have actively signed up for the competition. The contestants carefully wrote the speeches, and some employees also produced exquisite PPT display courseware in order to improve the presentation. During the competition, everyone gave a wonderful speech on how to interpret the quality and accomplishment of cultural people, how to show the style of contemporary culture, and improve their self-cultivation and level. While carefully listening to the speeches of the contestants, the expert reviewers gave a fair score on the content, expression, and manners. Finally, nine employees including Hu Jiahui and Lin Huanbao won the third prize, Yu Lu, Tang Junjie and Zhang Yiqing won the second prize. Award, Zheng Zhizhen won the first prize. After the game, a short award ceremony was held. The judges and the leaders of the museum gave certificates and prizes to the winners, and encouraged young people to read more, learn more, and think more, and strive to re-establish the prosperity and prosperity of the mass culture. Gong! (Ningbo City Cultural Center)