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"Natural Stage" is a good show 2013-04-28


From tomorrow to May 13 at 7 o'clock every night, the amateur literary and art team from the most basic level of the county (city) district of our city will present 13 unique performances to the public in Zhongshan Square, which will open the "natural stage." The second season·Cultural amassie – the curtain of the 2013 Ningbo Amateur Literature Team Show. The event was hosted by Ningbo Cultural and Broadcasting Press and Publication Bureau and hosted by Ningbo Cultural Center. On April 29th, the first performance was performed by Ningbo “Stars Art Troupe”. On that night, the Stars Choir, the Star Dance Group, the Stars and Drama Club, and the Stars and Stars Orchestra will each bring exciting programs. On April 30th, the "Hezhi Wind" Art Troupe of Minglou Street in Jiangdong District, the Minsheng Drum Team, the "Nie Yan" Mass Culture Work Team, the Zhaohui Community "Poetry Rhyme" Recitation Team, and the "Light of Volunteer" "The performance team and other performances. On May 1st, the only island town in Beilun District, Meishan Township’s Hong Kong Island Flower Amateur Art Troupe, was the first time they boarded the Zhongshan Square stage, which will bring dragons, lion dances and otters. Other folk art programs with distinctive features, including Shuiyu Mingquan, have been included in provincial non-legacy projects, and have also appeared in CCTV's four sets of "Going Through China" programs. On May 2nd, songs and dances, operas, dances, and allegro brought by the Amateur Art Troupe of Yuelong Street in Ninghai County. On May 3rd, the performance was performed by the Amateur Art Troupe of Yunlong Town, Yinzhou District. On that night, Ningbo will bring books, songs and dances, essays, operas and other programs. On May 4th and 5th, they were performed by the Cultural and Volunteer Art Troupe of Kendun Street in Cixi City and the Blue Sky Amateur Art Troupe of Baiyun Street in Haishu District. On May 6th, “Ningbo City Cultural Demonstration Town” – Xiangpu County’s Hepu Town Fishermen’s Culture and Art Troupe will bring a fisherman-style show that is self-produced by fishermen. On May 7th, the Amateur Art Troupe of Zhaobaoshan Street in Zhenhai District will send a team of more than 400 people to participate. They will bring original music allegro, original Yue opera and so on. On May 8th, the Tomb of the Amateur Art Troupe of the Cicheng Township of Jiangbei District and the Shining Peking Opera Heritage Team will present dragon dance, Peking Opera, song and dance, etc. on the theme of “Ci Xiao Culture”. On May 9th, the Weinan Community Harmony Culture Opera Troupe of Lanjiang Street in Yuyao City will present Yao Opera, Yue Opera and Shao Opera. On May 10th, it was performed by the Amateur Art Troupe of Yuelin Street in Fenghua City. Among them, the Zhoujia Dance Dragon Team is the first batch of intangible cultural heritage inheritance bases in Ningbo. It has won the “Gold Award” for the National Miles Promenade Competition and the Best “Performance Award” for the West Lake West Fair Carnival. On May 11th and 12th, they were performed by the Xia Xia Art Troupe of the Aged Activity Center and the Ningbo Youth University Art Troupe. Among them, the dance and opera chorus of the Senior University Art Troupe won many gold medals in national, provincial and municipal competitions. On May 13th, the finale was "Natural Stage · I want to go to the stage (the first game)." On that night, Sanjiang Quyuan Wave Play Club, Tianyi Happy Forest, Deaf School Dance Team, PBC Street Dance Group, and the popular fashion team will bring their carefully prepared programs.