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Internet cafes in the city of Mencius now face multiple pincers 2013-05-06


"This Internet cafe that has been in operation for three years will be closed next month." Jiao boss recalled that in 2010, a city hunter network club was opened near Ivy, and 2.2 million yuan was invested in the renovation. In the past three years, the profit earned has just passed the investment. Compared with Changsheng more than 10 years ago, although there are more and more netizens, the main Internet-placed place, Internet cafes, is no longer the scene of the past. These Internet cafes, along with the diversification of Internet channels and the loss of the main consumer groups, are no longer the "Chan". In particular, the black nets in various places have also been smashed, making the daily operation of the regular Internet cafes difficult. According to the statistics of the newspaper's news hotline, recently, as another summer vacation approached, the complaints about the black Internet cafes also increased. According to statistics from the Municipal Culture, Radio, Film and Television Press and Publication Bureau, as of the end of 2012, there were 991 licensed Internet cafes and 110,000 terminal devices in Ningbo. Among them, there are 584 small and medium-sized Internet cafes ranging from 100 to 300, and 25 large Internet cafes with more than 300. In this environment, what other netizens still love Internet cafes? And what kind of business status is the Internet cafes everywhere? Recently, the reporter quietly walked into several Internet cafes with different locations and sizes, and made some explorations. Zhang Songxiang, who entered the business in Ningbo, where the Internet cafe industry flourished in 2005. In the past 8 years, several small Internet cafes have been transferred. Currently, three Internet cafes are fixedly operated. The scale is about 300 square meters. There are about 180 computers in the area, and the location is in Jiangbei and Haitang. Among them, Mingli Internet Cafe is the one he has stayed the longest time every day. Internet cafes are hidden in a row of old stores across the Ningxing Diamond Plaza. In this newly opened business circle, it is not conspicuous. At 10 o'clock in the morning, there were only 20 computers in front of the first floor, and the computers on the second floor and the third floor were quietly "sleeping" and the attendance rate was very low. None of these guests, young men who are online, are young. The reporter observed that, except for the two people clicking on the webpage, the rest are in the game fierce battle, and many are still discussing and leveling the strategy. "Now the Internet cafe seems to be the meeting point for gamers, and the service target is more niche." Zhang Songxiang once analyzed the customer group. "Almost 90% of the people are playing games. And many of the guests have computers at home." However, online games emphasize speed. Usually, the online time of gamers is 3 hours or more. Of course, most of the game players are male, and the proportion of female players is very small." The reporter will collect more than 20 game netizens in a few days. The general classification is made. The reason why Internet cafes become the gathering points of gamers is mainly the following three points. First of all, the network speed is fast. The third-year-old Ma classmates are concentrating on the game battle. From time to time, they also look at the comrades who play the same game next to them, and they meditation on the Raiders arrangement. "Come on Internet cafes is to play games, the speed is fast! If you just look at the webpage, the mobile phone is enough!" Ma said. Second, the game atmosphere is different. Mr. He, who is in his early 30s, is clicking on the news page. Like Ma, he is also a gamer. He usually looks at the web page before starting to play the game. "Almost every day, playing a game is 2-3 hours, sometimes longer." Mr. He said that although there is a computer at home, the speed of the Internet is not slow, but the atmosphere of the Internet cafe is strong, and it feels more fun to play. Finally, you can be a friend gathering point. There are many game players in the Internet cafes who come together in groups of three, and have a common game hobby and are friends. Mr. Luo is playing games, but he is not very interested. Asked the reason, some helpless: "I used to go online with friends to play games. Since I changed my job, the time is not good. Although I sit down and everyone is playing, it is also a way for friends to gather. Now one People play, it’s not a taste.” While watching the video news, Mr. Lei, who was eating lunch, was a little embarrassed. "After work, buy a snack to come online, eat while surfing the Internet, save time and convenience. In fact, there is a computer at home, but to play games, come over." Mr. Lei has a fixed occupation, income is not bad, working hours Not often go to Internet cafes, most of them will go to Internet cafes at night or on holidays. In a visit to a number of Internet cafes, the reporter found that Internet cafes are mostly young people. From their answers, it can be concluded that Internet access to the Internet is just a pastime of learning and work. At 7 o'clock in the evening, the Heshengyuan Internet Café on Shuguang North Road lighted up the signboards early, and there were 220 computers in different areas within 500 square meters. Probably estimate that there are about 1/3 of the computers on the screen. Boss Cai Kaiguo told reporters that the Internet cafe business, which has been in business for 12 years, has met tens of thousands of guests, almost all of them young people. "And now Internet cafes also pay great attention to the Internet environment. The investment in light decoration is hundreds of thousands or even more than one million. The environment is good and the cost is low. Young people who like to go online will come often." Cai Kaiguo said. Miss Peng, just sitting down, it will open QQ, QQ space and online music audition software. Her request for Internet access is very simple, that is, she can listen to the song, chat with friends, and read the message. Mr. Chen and his wife, sitting in the double area, discussed which movie to watch. "After dinner, my wife and I went out for a walk, passed the Internet cafe, and went back to see the movie and went back. It was cheaper than going to the cinema!" "Since the store was moved to 95 International two years ago, the scenes of the past have never been seen several times. The owner of Tao, who specializes in the business of Internet cafes, opened a star Internet cafe in Laomiao Village 10 years ago. In retrospect, he was quite touched: "At that time, the business was good. The migrant workers from many factories in the vicinity came to the Internet when they got off work. When the attendance rate was good, they were full." However, since the relocation of the old temple village factory in 2011, Business will also fade. When I first moved to 95 International Plaza, the occupancy rate of nearby residential buildings was extremely low, and almost no guests came to visit. But now the occupancy rate has increased, and the business is still not good. "There is a computer in the official residence, even if it is a renter, it will also have a computer, plus the high-tech zone is fiber-optic, the home network speed is still very satisfactory. Tao Bo said that it is very good to have a attendance rate of more than 50% at the peak. “For Internet cafes that are not in the center of the city, migrant workers are the main source of customers. Once the factory is relocated, the business will be difficult to do.” Tao Bo said that there are many Internet cafes in the Zhangzhou area. Although the competition is fierce, the business is still good. It is because there are many factories in the area. Many Internet cafes have a membership system and hope to retain a number of loyal customers with price concessions. Mr. Cao is a member of Mingli Internet Cafe. He believes that the most important thing is that this Internet cafe is close to home. Mr. Ge is waiting for his daughter to go to school at a nearby Internet cafe to spend time. Because an hour is not long or short, look at the news in the Internet cafe, the time is over, and it is close to her daughter's school. Some Internet cafes even have a membership system, and some netizens are willing to patronize them from time to time. For example, Chen, he is used to the online environment of the worm Internet cafe, and sometimes paranoidly specify the use of a fixed computer. Miss Du, like to go shopping after work. Sometimes I am bored, I will find an Internet cafe to sit down and go to the Internet. She said that she never pays attention to which Internet cafe she is entering. As long as the environment is not too bad, it does not matter. In fact, the Internet is to watch Weibo, just do not want to always brush the phone, both boring and cost. Although the number of Chinese netizens is growing steadily every year, the growth rate is far less than that of mobile Internet users. At the beginning of 2013, CNNIC released the 31st "Statistical Report on the Development of China's Internet Network", pointing out that as of the end of December 2012, the number of Internet users in China reached 564 million, although it was slower than the growth of Internet users in 2011, but it was used by netizens. The proportion of mobile phones continues to increase, and the size of 420 million makes the mobile phone position as the largest Internet terminal more stable. It can be seen that the growth of wired Internet is not large, and the continuous improvement of the function of mobile phones as an Internet terminal, coupled with the basic popularity of home networks, is really “warm and self-aware” for the Internet cafe industry, which is still in the traditional business model. . The Lianzhong Internet cafe operated by Zhang Songxiang has entered its eighth year this year. "In 2005, the cost of Internet access in the store was 2.5 yuan an hour, and the price is still the same. The rent has risen from 50,000 to nearly 200,000 today. The store is not a lot of land." He is thinking In addition to the rising rents and labor wages, we are still very satisfied with the profit. The owner of the worm Internet cafe also bluntly said that the Internet cafe business has become more and more difficult in the past two or three years. Although the game customer base is still there, the Internet cafe computer has to be updated once in three years. This investment is not small. On the bright side, rents and labor costs have risen year by year. The cost pressure of opening Internet cafes in urban areas is increasing, and the profit margin is getting smaller and smaller. The reporter learned from the Jiangbei District Internet Cafe Industry Branch that 40% of the Internet cafes in the region are in a profitable state, and the remaining 60% are operating at a flat and at a loss. This year, according to the current development of the industry, the city has slightly lowered the barriers to entry for Internet cafes, and the minimum entry standard has become a business space of 60 computers and 120 square meters. Under the calculation, if you want to operate a Internet cafe with 100 computers, with a configuration standard of 4,000 yuan for one computer, the basic equipment allocation fee is as high as 400,000 yuan, plus the investment in rent, decoration, water and electricity, labor, etc. At least 800,000. In addition, due to the rapid upgrade of online game technology, updating the computer and renovating it also burdened the operators. "In the years when the business was good, the cost of the surge was deducted, and the profit was still very impressive. But with the popularity of home computers and mobile phones, more and more people are surfing the Internet at home, and the urban area is not a gathering place for migrant workers. The source is losing too much. Internet cafe business is getting harder and harder to do.” Jiao’s boss who just closed an Internet cafe said. In the past three years, Internet cafes that have been closed down or sold in Ningbo are not rare. I collected the contact information of the major Internet cafes in the third district. The reporters dialed one by one and found that 1/3 are still operating. One third has been transferred to the boss, and the remaining 1/3 is not stopped. The empty number. "Internet access in Internet cafes is a public Internet model. Many advantages and fun are unmatched at home and in the Internet." Cai Kaiguo, secretary general of the Internet Cafe Industry Association, said that in the regular Internet cafes, bad information was filtered by the public security department. . In the regular Internet cafes that have struggled to survive under the right competition, they also face some unfair scams of black Internet cafes. It is understood that black Internet cafes are mostly opened in residential rental houses, and even set up in the name of computer training stations, computer accessories stores, community activity rooms, corporate reading rooms, etc., which is more concealed. Although the industry and commerce department is taking the lead in launching a special campaign to ban black nets every year, due to the limited enforcement power and the increasing external population, the demand for the network market has expanded dramatically, and the black Internet cafes are always in a state of constant inaction. The staff of the Cultural Market Management Office of Ningbo Culture, Radio, Film and Television Press and Publication Bureau told the reporter: "The development of Internet cafes in Ningbo has the characteristics of geographical imbalance. In the areas with large floating population such as Beilun and Zhenhai, the operation status of Internet cafes is not bad. In the third district, Internet cafes are highly competitive.” The staff of the Cultural Market Management Office said that due to the current “Regulations on the Administration of Internet Internet Service Places”, there is no clear definition of black bars, especially disguised Internet cafes. Legal loopholes, countering the national policy system, opening Internet cafes in the name of “tea room” or computer training. Coupled with the lack of supervision, these Internet cafes will attract young people and provide games and content that are not suitable for them, which will adversely affect the formation of young people's values. Many regular Internet cafe operators said that although the number of Internet cafes in the third district is saturated, the competition environment is good. If you open to a place with a large amount of migrants, you will be vulnerable to unfair competition in the black Internet cafes. Therefore, when they choose a new Internet cafe, they will still choose a store close to the city. The Internet cafe industry is facing shuffling and talking about the future of the Internet cafe industry. Over 60% of Internet cafe owners feel that this industry is not reviving. But Zhu Meiyan, an associate professor at the School of Economics and Management of Ningbo Institute of Technology, does not think so: "It is too early to talk about whether the Internet cafe industry has begun to decline. On the surface, the Internet cafe industry has indeed gone downhill for a while, but this is a wash. A good time for cards.” Referring to the operation of chain Internet cafes, Zhu Meiyan said that the threshold for chain requirements is higher. Although it can be operated in a unified manner, resources are shared, and brands are launched, but from the perspective of effects, brand influence is not high. From a business perspective, Zhu Meiyan believes that the future development of the Internet cafe industry may be more subjective and more functional. "The huge gamers are the loyal customers of Internet cafes. In order to better grasp and serve this group, the operators can highlight the game theme and push some special competitive activities, so that gamers can understand that Internet cafes are not only games, but also An emerging form of communication.” At the same time, it is especially important that Internet cafes provide more value-added services. In addition to game card and mobile phone recharge, copy fax business, computer hardware and software installation and maintenance, network monitoring and installation of integrated wiring and other high-end technical services, free network professional knowledge counseling and other integration into daily operations. At present, Ningbo Internet cafes mostly stay in traditional business, but the comprehensive leisure club model has gradually been accepted and tried by operators. "In fact, the operation mode of Internet cafes with coffee bars or leisure games has already existed, and there is also a certain consumer base. Therefore, professional salon Internet cafes have become a future business trend. This kind of Internet cafes will use Internet cafes as a daily salon. In order to guide some professional trends, compared with traditional Internet cafes, professional salon Internet cafes are a big upgrade, and the professional requirements for operators are relatively high.” Zhu Meiyan said that the development of professional salon Internet cafes is still far away, but it is captured for Internet cafes. The new community on the Internet provides a way.