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"Tianyi Lecture Hall" this week, "The Education of Children in the New Parenthood" 2013-08-31


On the afternoon of August 31, Weng Yanwen, dean and associate professor of the College of Higher Vocational Education of Ningbo Education College, visited the “Tianyi Lecture Hall” of Ningbo Library, and gave a lecture on “Child Education in New Parents” to share his views on children's education with the audience. With experience. The issue of children's education has always been a hot topic in the whole society. The audience is also more enthusiastic about this. The "Tianyi Lecture Hall" is full of seats. Professor Weng believes: "Education has entered a new era of parents." At present, people's attitudes toward education have changed, and the value of education has also become more diversified. Parent groups are increasingly "highly educated," "high-minded," and "high-powered." However, the “self-reliance” of students is becoming weaker. In such a “new parent era”, parents are given new responsibilities. On the child's growth path, parents should not only help children design their lives, help children choose the right school, help children make long-term plans, help children who go abroad to study well, etc., but also master modern educational concepts and avoid "people cloud "The collective unconscious" and other states, truly pay attention to the growth of each child, and strive to create an educational environment that is truly suitable for his development. In the lecture, Prof. Weng quoted advanced educational concepts, listed real success stories, and shared his personal experience of cultivating daughters and talents, and conveyed to the audience the educational experience of their children in the new parent era. She believes that in the "new parents era", parents must not only cultivate children's sense of responsibility, hardship, but also broaden the child's vision, promote the child's diverse development, help children form modern thinking, help children succeed and become talented with soft power. ! Professor Weng] [recommended books: "Life Design in childhood - Harvard Dad something to say." - Author: Gao Yan given "life design road map" - Author: Gao Yan given "Awakening" - Author: Zhou Hong, "for ways parents "- author: Zhou Hong," a year-old on the Ivy "- author: Xue Yong" not just students "- author: Li Bingkang Wengyan Wen (Ningbo City Library) Speaker Profile: Wengyan Wen, Faculty of Education, Ningbo Institute of Education Higher Chang, associate professor, member of the Teaching Steering Committee of the Foreign Languages ​​Professional Committee of the Chinese Education Association. He has long been engaged in the teaching and research of English teaching methods in primary and secondary schools and English and American culture. She has achieved great success in her daughter's growth planning and study abroad design, and has accumulated rich experience in designing and planning for study abroad. The publication of the book "Not Just Study Abroad" is an expert in the design and study of children's growth.