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Participated in the 30th Anniversary Celebration of the Chinese Drama Plum Blossom Awards 2013-09-10


The reporter learned from the Municipal Performing Arts Group yesterday that the drama "The Wife" will participate in the "30th Anniversary of the Chinese Drama Plum Blossom Awards" sponsored by the China Federation of Literary and Art Circles and the Chinese Drama Association. It will be unveiled on September 18th in Beijing Chang'an University. theater. The Plum Blossom Award was established in 1983. It has been awarded 26 sessions so far, covering 58 dramas. There are 634 award-winning actors including drama, drama, opera and dance dramas, including 7 plum blossom prizes and 44 plum blossom awards. Including 42 people in the second degree, 2 people across the drama). On August 31st, the "30th Anniversary Series of Chinese Drama Plum Blossom Awards" kicked off. From the beginning of September to the end of September, the Peking Opera "The World is Back", the Yue Opera "One Nettle" and the drama "Big Brother" starring the Plum Blossom Award actor. The wonderful repertoires from all over the world will be performed in Beijing. The relevant drama groups in Beijing will also hold excellent repertoire performances. The local dramatists' associations will hold a series of performances in the local area. According to incomplete statistics, from August to October, nearly 200 activities were launched simultaneously, including seminars, performances and performances at the grassroots level. The drama "The Wife", which was adapted from the "Left League" writer Rou Shi's novel "The Mother of the Slave", includes all the drama awards. Starring Wang Jinwen is one of the winners of the 20th Chinese Drama Plum Blossom Award. "Since the performance in 2002, the drama "The Wife" has gone through 11 years and is already a classic. This "Wife" was selected by the Chinese Drama Association to participate in the 30th anniversary of the Chinese Drama Plum Blossom Awards. We have strengthened our goal: to create fine works and classic works, and to become a masterpiece." Wang Jinwen told reporters that the drama "Die Wife" has become a teaching plan of the Chinese Opera Academy, and was transplanted by the Beijing Peking Opera Theatre. This piece became one of the examination contents of the Hangzhou Yue Theatre. The students of Wangjiang Primary School won the national "Little Plum Blossom" gold medal with "Die Qi", which shows the artistic appeal of "Die Qi". "Die Qi" also drove the folk songs of Yucheng. At present, there are 11 folk opera troupes in the city, and the market is quite good. "This time I went to Beijing to perform, I have a lot of pressure, just like participating in the National Games of the Opera." Wang Jinwen said that the current "Chief Wife" is in the midst of intense rehearsal. On the 12th, "Die Wife" will perform at the Jizhou Port Cultural Center in Zhangzhou. "We take the mass line with practical actions, send the drama to the grassroots, and send the show to the audience."