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"Fishing Township Feelings" - Xiangshan "Island Youth Photography Alliance" Works Exhibition in Ningbo 2013-09-11


On the occasion of the opening of the 16th China (Xiangshan) Fishing Festival, the Ningbo Cultural Center, the Xiangshan County Culture, Radio, Film and Television Press and Publication Bureau, the Xiangshan County Cultural Center and the Xiangshan Island Youth Photography Alliance hosted the “Island Youth Photography Alliance” excellent fishing culture photography. 60 works, recently exhibited in the "Stars Exhibition Hall" in Ningbo. The "Island Youth Photography Alliance" is a photography team established by the Xiangshan County Cultural Center in 2009. The "Island Youth Photography Alliance" is based on Xiangshan, closely related to domestic coastal towns, serving the purpose of photography enthusiasts, with the purpose of developing and prospering the mass culture. Since 2010, the “Please come in and go out” campaign has been carried out, and frequent exchanges with coastal town photography teams have been carried out. During this period, long-term exchange mechanisms have been established with photography teams in Taizhou, Zhoushan, Wenzhou, Fuzhou, Shanghai and Kunshan. . In the China Photography Art Exhibition and the domestic photography competitions, many awards have been won, and hundreds of beautiful pictures have been published in many photographic media publications. In 2012, he was awarded the “Excellent Art Team” by the Provincial Department of Culture for his outstanding achievements in mass photography. The 60 works exhibited in this exhibition are among the more than 200 new works by young photographers in Xiangshan County. The works are exquisite and rich in content, reflecting the beautiful scenery of Xiangshan County's millennium fishing town and the fisherman style with rich regional characteristics. In recent years, these young island photographers have won numerous awards in various photo contests such as China Photographic Art Exhibition and China International Photography Exhibition. Hundreds of pictures have been published in various photographic media publications. This exhibition will last until September 15. It is also known that the “Stars Exhibition Hall” of Ningbo City is an excellent demonstration hall commended by the Ministry of Culture. In recent years, hundreds of thousands of people have visited. Works such as Yang Mingming's meticulous paintings in Xiangshan County, Xu Minjie's wheat straw paintings, and Danxi Street Painting and Calligraphy Association have been exhibited in the Stars Exhibition Hall. These works of art with the characteristics of Xiangshan Fishing Township have been highly sought after by the people of Yucheng. (Xiangshan County Cultural Broadcasting Press and Publication Bureau) "fishing Ballet" Author: Lu Bao "fishing puppet show" Author: Chen Zhaohui "Dream Bridge" Author: Hu Zheng, "Liu Yong Jin" Author: Chen Enliang "Die Another Day" author: Tangxian Jiang "fish light love" author: Dan Chunguang "witness Xiangshan Port Bridge closure" author: Lai Zhongming (Xiangshan County cultural broadcasting Press and publication Bureau)